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Shark Tank Project

No description

Jenell Toby

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Shark Tank Project

The CV Pen (Ctrl + C +Ctrl + V):
The Ideal Writing Aid
Why not just copy and paste?
Well You Can!
The CV Pen is the first writing utensil allowed to copy and paste on any surface. It does not require a computer or a constant update. However, it does require a ink cartage that can be bought through our website. This useful product can be charged both solarly and electrically. With 30 minutes worth of charging it can preform for 6 days (144 hours).
But How?
All you have to do is highlight what you want copied with the transmitting laser and then press the top clicker. When finished, place the tip where you want to paste and press the top clicker again.
Solar Energy
The solar panel strip on the lining of the pen will charge when in contact with sunlight. The photoelectric cells or "PV" cells will convert light into electricity by absorbing light.
Electrical Energy

The electrical energy is directly emitted through cable charging.
-Copy and paste, write and upload
-Flash drive
-LED flashlight
-A comfort ball point/calligraphy design
-Interchangeable ink
- Starting off with 60,000
- 40% stake
- Cost of a pen: $60
- Cost for black and colored ink packet: $20
- Not currently in stores
-Publicized by TechCon and TED Tech
"It's revolutionary stationary"
"Less hand cramps for our workers"
"Design and idea compacted"
"It makes me want to do more research"
According to business weekly there's
As TED's CEO stated
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