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The Leering That has to Stop

No description

Maryam Alam

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of The Leering That has to Stop

The Leering That Has to Stop by Ann Fuller Summary Theme Mistreatment of women Thesis Sexual harassment of women will only
stop once men change their attitudes. Cause and Effect Effect and Cause Her stories of sexual harassment Her explanations of men's attitudes Essay Thought Point of View Audience Arguments "Hey baby, come over here for a minute."
We just kept walking. One of them stepped forward. "Arrogant, eh? That's okay, if you had come over I would have ------ you and beat your head in with a rock."
pg. 79 Stylistic Devices Anecdote Being harassed by her boss at work Being shouted at during a hockey game Being grabbed at a bar Being threatened on the street Being harassed by a client Figures of Speech Simile “It’s similar to a two-year old child doing something naughty – if you laugh, he’ll keep doing it.”
pg. 79 Tone Anger Passion Informal Connection Repetition Laughter Laughter Laughter Laughter Laughter Laughter Laughter Laughter Laughter
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