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International Opportunities for Students

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Jason Blackard

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of International Opportunities for Students

International Opportunities for Students in Health Fields
Amazon Promise
Amazon Promise offers a specialized volunteer program, including a summer health care internship program for medical students. Medical expeditions are open to all medical professionals and medical/nursing/physician associate/mph students. Teams spend 2-3 weeks in the Amazon in Peru. Program fees range from $1600 to $3400. For more information contact expeditions@amazonpromise.org

Blue Mountain Project
Blue Mountain Project offers a short-term volunteer program in Jamaica; most projects focus on health or education and include working in clinics, tutoring, teaching, or performing light construction. Volunteers live and eat with Jamaican host families and can be from any background. Program fee is $99 per night, with a discount for volunteers who stay longer than 14 days.

Cachamsi is a non-profit international medicine program located in the highlands of Ecuador. They cater to medical students, resident doctors, and other practitioners and offer structured medical Spanish classes as well as volunteer opportunities among the indigenous population. Medical, nursing, and MPH students, as well as medical residents and practicing physicians are all welcome. Medical students can use Cachamsi for a 4th year elective for credit. Program fees depend on length of stay and lodging. Contact: jduchicela@ydclinic.com for more information.

Cape Cares
Cape Cares sends teams of volunteers to Honduras to provide free medical and dental services to those who have little or no access to healthcare. Teams of 15-20 volunteers travel for one week. Whether your experience is dental, medical, optical, translation, fund raising, or teaching, they invite you to join them. Cape cares needs physicians, physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, optometrists, chiropractors, Spanish translators, educators, and carpenters; but if you don't have one of these skills, they can still use you. If you are interested in providing care to those in need and you are willing to work hard, you can be part of a Cape Cares team. The volunteer fee is $650. Complete the volunteer application on the website to get started.

Concern America
Concern America provides a 3 week International Health Immersion program to medical residents. In this unique learning opportunity, individuals travel to Petén, Guatemala to learn from and work with Health Promoter Practitioners, Midwives, and Environmental Health Promoters. Program cost is $1600. For more information, call 1-800-CONCERN (266-2376).

Curamericas Global
Curamericas works in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa with underserved communities to make measurable and sustainable improvements in their health and well-being. Volunteers can indicate interest in health services, health education, water and sanitation construction, administration, or technology, and can volunteer for one week to four months. Volunteers can travel alone or with a group of up to 25. Please see the website for more information.

Esperanca is a global non-profit that was founded in 1970 with the aim to improve health through sustainable disease prevention, education, and treatment. There are generally two unpaid internship opportunities offered each year for undergraduate or graduate students, as well as opportunities for qualified surgeons to volunteer in Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Feed the Children
Feed the Children Medical Mission: Four medical/evangelical missions are held each year. The medical team is made up of volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, laypersons and non-medical individuals who reach out to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of children and families in developing countries. Each trip lasts 1-2 weeks, volunteers pay their own way while Feed the Children arranges travel details (flights, cars, food, hotels). Please see the link below for contact details.

Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children
FIMRC is a non-profit dedicated to improving maternal and child health in the developing world. FIMRC offers medical school rotations, nursing fellowships, Masters practicums, internships, summer immersion programs, and other opportunities to volunteer abroad in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Uganda, and India.

Foundation for Sustainable Development
With the Foundation for Sustainable Development, volunteers travel for 1-4 weeks on Global Service Trips. Groups of at least 8 volunteers provide critical support for beneficiaries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. FSD will work with your group to design a project that fits your interests and skills. For more information contact: programs@fsdinternational.org/415-283-4873. FSD also offers 9-52 week placements at any FSD site to provide an intense immersion program for students and young professionals looking to gain international development experience.

Global Medical Brigades
Teams of 15-20 students and volunteers travel to Central America, Ghana, India, or Vietnam for 7-9 days to provide sustainable health care solutions. As the largest student-led international relief organization, Global Medical Brigades has several opportunities. Please see the website to apply for a brigade.
Global Service Corps
Undergraduates and graduate students participate in service learning in Cambodia or Tanzania for 2 weeks to 6 months and can often receive elective credit. Program activities range from international health to community development, teaching English, orphanage care, and more. Costs vary. Interested students should apply online.

Global Volunteers
Volunteer teams spend 1-3 weeks providing non-invasive health care assistance such as eye exams, diabetes screenings, blood pressure checks, well-baby exams, Malaria and Dengue Fever prevention, de-worming programs and the like. In some host countries, access to basic medical care is minimal, so rural health care aids provide many of the services in partner communities. In all cases, volunteer health care assistance is a part-time work assignment, and you will be assigned to other community projects as needed. Programs are located in China, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, St. Lucia, Tanzania, and Vietnam. Costs range from $1700-$3095 with a $200 discount for students.

Global Volunteer Network
Global Volunteer Network offers trips for 2 weeks or longer in several different areas, including medical. Medical volunteers can be undergraduates or graduates and can travel to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, or Vietnam. Projects mostly focus on health education, conservation, teaching, childcare, and some construction. Program costs are listed per day.

Health Horizons International
Health Horizons sends teams of medical students with health professionals for 1-3 weeks of medical service in the Dominican Republic. For more information, contact info@hhidr.org

Helping Hands Health Education
Helping Hands provides volunteer opportunities for medical professionals, medical students, and non-medical volunteers to serve in Nepal. As part of their experience, medical students are supervised by a licensed doctor from either the US or Nepal, depending on the time of year they volunteer. Volunteers can work in permanent clinics near Kathmandu or in a rural area, or in one of the mobile health camps that are organized throughout the year. Please see the website for an application form.

Teams of 60-80 travel to Guatemala for 12 days to provide healthcare. Teams are comprised of surgeons, Ob-gyns, general practitioners, anesthesiologists, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, translators, cooks, engineers, and other types of support personnel needed to assist the team. A volunteer does not need to have medical training to join a medical mission. Please see the website to complete an online application. The program cost is $2000. HELPS Medical Teams are scheduled from January through October every year.

HELPS International
Himalayan Health Exchange
This humanitarian service program brings together health care professionals who give of their time, talent and resources to provide care to the underserved populations in select, remote areas of the Indo-Tibetan Borderlands. Medical students work side-by-side with local and U.S.-based health care providers in a spirit of learning and informational/technical exchange. Most trips involve treks and patients in hard to reach areas and lodging ranges from tents to guest houses. Trips last between 20-28 days with teams of maximum 36 people. Trips costs vary. For more information contact info@himalayanhealth.com

International Medical Corps
International Medical Corps offers many exciting ways to get involved. There are opportunities for volunteers in the London, Los Angeles, or Washington D.C. offices to support administrative and programmatic tasks. Search for part-time or full-time positions by following the link below.


Institute for International Medicine
This program is very unique; students who wish to complete an international service elective must complete a diploma with INMED in either the medical or public health field. This program is recommended for students who are at the beginning of their medical or graduate education. International electives can begin at any time and must last a minimum of 4 weeks. INMED recommends submitting an application one year in advance for the program sites and total cost is estimated to be between $3,000 and $4,000. Students may apply for electives in Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, and Honduras.

Medical Missions
Medical missions has a large database for medical volunteers searching for faith-based service opportunities. In this free online community you can find opportunities to serve, share your story, connect with others, explore leading organizations, and learn from an extensive online resource library.
Each year Medico sponsors 5-7 field teams that provide free medical care to people in Honduras and Nicaragua. Each team consists of 16 - 25 participants, including dentists, dental assistants, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, optometrists, optometric technicians, pharmacists, a health educator and other medical professionals. Teams also include Spanish interpreters and lay volunteers.

Mercy Ships
Medical or nursing students are not currently able to join mercy ships for an elective session; however, they can become short-term volunteers. Organized teams for short-term field service opportunities are composed of 5-10 people from one sponsoring location. Open teams are comprised of people who have not known each other previously and can have a medical or non-medical focus. Africa Mercy is the only ship currently operating. For more information, please e-mail mercyteams@mercyships.org

Operation Rainbow
Operation Rainbow sends volunteer teams of between 18 and 30 members consisting of surgeons, pediatricians, nurses, anesthesiologists, technicians, and others from hospital and medical clinics from throughout the U.S. participate in 5 day trips; recent locations have been rural Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, and the Philippines. During those 5 days 40-60 surgeries are performed as well as over 200 non-surgical interventions in the area of orthopedics. For more information on volunteering please contact Laura Escobosa, Executive Director, at laura@operationrainbow.org

Operation Smile
Operation Smile has opportunities for medical professionals and medical residents in the areas of plastic surgery, anesthesia, and pediatrics. Interested residents can apply for the Regan fellowship; if selected the resident will spend 10-14 days on an Operation Smile surgical mission alongside a mentoring physician and attend an annual conference.

Physicians for Peace
Volunteer healthcare teams comprised of 1-20 individuals spend 5-10 days in the field and could be sent to one of 60 countries. Teams include surgeons, nurses, pediatricians, therapists, and other healthcare specialists. Each year PFP offers summer internships to promising college students.

Project Hope
Medical volunteers, students, and professionals participate in ship-based and land-based missions to provide medical assistance and disaster relief. Join the volunteer database online or apply for specific volunteer opportunities. Project Hope has sites in over 35 countries.

Project Vietnam
Project Vietnam sends teams to rural Vietnam to provide healthcare access to poor and needy children. Medical mission trips occur every March and November and last 2 weeks. Anyone may apply. Summer service camp occurs every year between June and July and lasts 2 weeks. Students from the U.S. and Canada may apply. In addition, Project Vietnam can assist you in partnering with a Vietnamese health institution for a 4 week rotation focusing on newborn care, child health, special needs children, and public health issues. Please apply online.

SEVA Foundation
With the Seva Foundation, volunteers can be ophthalmologists, healthcare professionals, marketing or communications professionals, and management or business trainers. Volunteers are needed who can help train and mentor local staff, perform surgery or conduct eye exams and procedures, and make a lasting impact: they prefer volunteers who can make longer commitments or volunteer a few weeks each year. Seva works in 20 countries, although not all of them will have volunteer opportunities: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Mexico, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Nepal, Pakistan, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United States.

Society for Nutrition, Education, and Health Action
SNEHA is an organization dedicated to improving maternal and child health in India. To qualify as an international volunteer or intern, you must be able to dedicate 8 cumulative weeks. Volunteers can assist in the areas of research, development and communications, and also in medical service provision and training in Mumbai. After completing an application and being accepted, volunteers must create a work plan. In order to do field work, volunteers must be proficient in Hindi, Marathi, or Gujarati. Program costs vary depending on accommodation and length of stay. Please see the website for the volunteer application and handbook.

TIMMY Global Health
Timmy consistently seeks physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, pharmacists, and dentists interested in traveling with volunteer teams to Ecuador, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. Though the medical trips are 1-2 weeks in length, they are committed to supporting the patients and communities 52 weeks a year. Students that volunteer with Timmy shadow doctors, work in triage, take vitals, and assist in the pharmacy. Many of them are advanced Spanish speakers and help with translating and patient histories. If you are interested in traveling on a Timmy Global Health medical brigade, please contact alyssa@timmyglobalhealth.org for more information on trip availability. If there are open slots, please submit an online volunteer information form and complete all other necessary paperwork.

Uganda Village Project
The Healthy Villages summer internship provides undergraduate, graduate, public health, and medical students with the opportunity to take part in a grass-roots approach to global health and international development. Interns spend 8-9 weeks living and working in rural Uganda gaining experience in community organization, data collection, and health education. Interns collaborate with the Village Health Team to design and implement programs and monitor programs already in place. Programs are geared toward issues such as water, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and reproductive health. For more information please consult the website.

Unite for Sight
Unite for Sight Global Impact Corps Fellows: Fellows can be undergraduates, medical students, public health students, and professionals. In Ghana, volunteers work in three eye clinics in Accra and two eye clinics in Kumasi and can volunteer for as little as one week. In Ghana, Honduras, and India, volunteers come for at least two weeks and can participate for multiple months. Costs vary; please see the website for more information.
Village Life Outreach Project
Village Life has a strong partnership with the University of Cincinnati and focuses on three remote and impoverished villages in Tanzania. Over 230 students and faculty have traveled to Tanzania to volunteer; students participate in clinical care, health promotion, and disease prevention. Opportunities exist for 4th year medical electives. For more information contact Chris Lewis at lewisct@ucmail.uc.edu

Volunteers in Medical Missions
Teams of Christian doctors, nurses and other volunteers that minister to the physical and spiritual needs of children and adults in developing countries are sent throughout the world. VIMM provides opportunities for Christian medical professionals and other volunteers to experience missions firsthand. Program opportunities in Belize, Bulgaria, China, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Sudan, and Tanzania. For more information contact missions@vimm.org

Volunteer Kenya
Medical students with previous clinical experience are welcome to travel to Kenya and work in mobile clinics. Each doctor or medical student will work at a patient consultation station, alongside a clinical officer, nurse or a translator. The volunteer takes the lead in the patient interview and fills out the patient record form. The volunteer will take a history and perform a physical examination. In collaboration with the local healthcare workers, you will formulate a working diagnosis, prescribe medication if appropriate, provide counseling and education, and write a referral note if necessary. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of 4 weeks, with 6-8 weeks being ideal. For an application and more information, please contact volunteercoordinator@volunteerkenya.org

World Health Organization
The world health organization offers internships to those who possess a first degree in public health, medical, or social field related to the technical work of WHO or a degree in a management-related or administrative field. You must be fluent in the working language of the office of assignment. WHO internships can last 6-12 weeks. To apply, follow the instructions on the website.

Work the World
Work the World offers internships for undergraduates and medical students in the areas of Medical, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Radiography, Midwifery, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. Work the world offers short-term and structured healthcare rotations; internships are available in Argentina, Ghana, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania.

If you know of other organizations that offer international opportunities (volunteer placements, internships, or electives) for students in health fields please send the information to:

Jason Blackard


Paige Craig

This is a working database that will be updated regularly.

Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, established in the year 1953, provides quality medical education which attracts people not only from India but also from other countries of the world. The college has consistently been ranked among the top ten
medical colleges in the country. Students from over 52 countries graduate from the college every year and the degrees are recognized worldwide. KMC has one of the finest learning environments in South Asia with infrastructure and faculty that support students to hone their skills to become outstanding medical professionals, true to its mission. KMC is recognized by the Medical Council of India and the General Medical Council of Great Britain, the Malaysian Medical Council and
Australian Medical Council. KMC, Manipal is celebrating Diamond Jubilee in the year 2013-14. The institute has strong academic linkages with national and international universities of repute. Many students from countries like UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, Kenya, The Netherlands and Malaysia regularly opt for elective postings at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, that gives them great opportunities to learn. An elective student has to pay USD $350 for a maximum duration of 4 weeks posting. Please contact Dr G Pradeep Kumar for an application and information. E-mail: dean.kmc@manipal.edu

Samaritan's Purse
Samaritan's Purse is a Christian organization that provides aid throughout the world. Currently they have international internship offerings in accounting, public health, and water, sanitation, and hygiene. Please see the website to download an application form.

Soteni International
SOTENI Kenya (SK) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). They collaborate with SOTENI International and the SOTENI Villages of Hope to promote and implement projects and programs. Although cross-tribal collaboration is rare in Kenya, the SK board is comprised of twelve volunteer directors from five ethnic backgrounds. These directors work together to manage the complementary programs that help communities devastated by AIDS to lead the fight against the disease.The SOTENI Bridge program (student internships) is designed to train volunteers who desire careers or life experiences in international development. SOTENI has provided the Kenyan experience to thirty-seven students from around the world. Interns in Kenya work primarily in rural settings and provide support to the community and its leaders. The interns also learn about the rich cultures of Kenya while sharing their own gifts, experiences, and insights. SOTENI's goal is to enable interns to be AIDS-prevention advocates in both Kenya and their home countries. Please see the website to submit a CV and an application and to learn more.
Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University
African Impact
Volunteer with African Impact for 2-8 weeks or intern with them for up to 6 months in Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, or Zimbabwe. Medical projects allow volunteers to make a significant impact on reducing local healthcare issues, such as nursing, midwifery, AIDs education, and laboratory support. Prices range from about $1,100 to $2,600 depending on location and length of trip.
American Refugee Committee
The American Refugee Committee is an international nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that has provided humanitarian assistance and training to millions of beneficiaries over the last 30 years. ARC works with refugee communities in 7 countries around the world, helping people regain control of their lives. The people ARC serves have lost everything to events completely beyond their control. ARC provides shelter, clean water and sanitation, health care, skills training, microcredit education, protection and whatever support we can to let people begin again. Volunteer/Intern positions available abroad and in the US. A volunteer should be available for 4-6 months. To be considered for a volunteer or internship opportunity, please contact us expressing your interest at the following: Vanessa Lucius. Tel: (612) 872-7060, VanessaL at ARChq.org
Most of AmeriSpan’s volunteer programs take place in Latin America, but there is also a program in Jaipur, India. There are also several medical Spanish opportunities offered through AmeriSpan. SALUD Medical Spanish is a language-learning program developed by AmeriSpan for pre-med & medical students, doctors, nursing students, nurses, physician assistants, EMTs and those involved in public health. Many AMSA (American Medical Student Association) members make it a point to attend a program during medical school. The program offers participants the opportunity to learn Spanish while learning about another country's medical system. The program combines language learning, medical terminology in a foreign language, cultural excursions and activities and hands on service learning in most locations. Students may be able to get credit for an international rotation.
Amigos De Las Americas
Volunteer on a short term trip in Mexico, Colombia, or Ecuador. This program is designed with high school and college students in mind but is appropriate for pre-clinical medical students as well. Amigos volunteers provide basic public health services (oral hygiene, community sanitation), and assist in general development projects. The International Office Volunteer participation fee is $5,850; chapter volunteers should contact their local chapter for fee information. The fee includes round-trip airfare, food, lodging, and transportation in Latin America.
Amizade Global Service Learning
For nursing and pre-medical students or medical professionals, individual volunteer opportunities and group opportunities exist in countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Ghana, and Tanzania. For the opportunities in Bolivia and Brazil, volunteers should expect to be proficient in Spanish and Portuguese respectively and all volunteers in all four locations get the rewarding opportunity to support local healthcare professional who are handicapped by their lack of resources. . The fees, which may differ depending on the program, for individual volunteer placements start at around $1,700 for two weeks and can cost upwards for $475 for each additional week after that. The organization does offer a limited number of partial scholarships and more than 80 percent of the fees go directly to program costs such as food, lodging and support from local directors, according to the organization itself.
Cardio Start International
Child Family Health International
Child Family Health International has sent over 700 medical students to 20 programs in 7 countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, South Africa, and Uganda) since 1992. CFHI programs run every month of the year on a four week schedule. Opportunities to pursue school credit, independent study, service-learning, internships, or study abroad credit are available to undergraduate, nursing, allied health, medical, public health, and masters students 20 years old and over. Coursework related to health or medicine and experience in a clinical setting is recommended. Language eligibility and cost vary for each program. Follow the steps on the website to determine scholarship availabilities.

During two-week missions, CardioStart volunteers come together from various states in the US, Canada and other westernized countries. Most having never met each other, the 30-40 person teams form a collaborative bond, united to help those with limited access to even basic medical care. Gone are hospital politics, patient insurance coverage issues and limited time availability to provide real patient care. During CardioStart missions, it is not only the patients’ and their families’ lives that are changed forever – the volunteers also experience an almost indescribable transformation that leaves a lasting impact. CardioStart’s surgical missions primarily need medical professionals experienced in cardiac care. However, there are several roles for non-medical volunteers that involve database entry and community outreach.
CASA is a 30 year old youth-driven organization that serves 80,000 people a year in Mexico through multiple health and educational services. They have recently impacted the country’s maternal and newborn health system through their midwifery advocacy efforts. Volunteer for 3 weeks or intern for 10 weeks with CASA in the central highlands of Mexico. Internships are available for students and practicing professionals in the fields of public health, social work, medicine, midwifery, nursing, early child development, education, Latin American studies, public administration, and any individuals interested in gaining insight into international public health issues. The application process is competitive, and they accept no more than 5 interns at any one time. You must speak Spanish at an advanced level. To download and fill out an application please see the website.
CIDERZ Research and Public Health Training
CIDRZ's work includes research, training, and service delivery in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and maternal-child health. The HIVCorps internship is designed to provide students and recent graduates with the opportunity to participate in international HIV program and research initiatives. For additional information or questions regarding HIVCorps, contact HIVCorps@cidrz.org
Cinterandes Foundation
Students can join the surgical team of the Mobile Surgical Unit during the pre-operative evaluation of patients, participate as assistants during surgical procedures, are actively involved in monitoring patients during the early post-operative recovery and discharge, and participate in postoperative follow-up visits. Students can also choose to rotate through different specialties in local hospitals where, in addition to having a first hand experience in Ecuadorian pathology, they can also interact with local students, residents and health care professionals. Students can also choose to rotate in small health centers and attend clinics in suburban and rural areas.. Students pay a tuition of $190 US per week. This money is used to purchase medicines and surgical supplies. We recommend a rotation of four to eight weeks, and appreciate any donation of materials such as sutures, surgical mesh, caps, masks, etc. Students may choose to stay with an Ecuadorian family where they will have room, meals and laundry for $15 a day. This is a good opportunity to practice Spanish and experience Ecuadorian family life. Students who prefer to be on their own can stay at a hotel. There are several economic hotels, safe and clean for about $10 a day. For information on how to apply, please see the website.
Comprehensive Rural Health Project
The CRHP Internship Program offers six-month internships in videography & graphic design, programs & development, communications & social media, and science & technology throughout the year. Since its introduction, the internship program has become a very competitive and sought after placement for new graduates from around the world. We are currently seeking individuals who want to gain work experience in the nonprofit sector as well as exposure to international development in a very rural and sometimes challenging setting. These positions offer the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of a large organization implementing programs in areas of health, environmental, and socioeconomic development in India. Incumbents will be exposed to a wide variety of work including, marketing, fundraising, programming, and evaluation in areas of public health, medicine, women's rights, and economic and community development. These positions report to the International Programs Manager. All internships are 6-month minimum and unpaid. Working hours are typically from 9am-6pm Monday through Saturday. Interns are given one-week holiday during their stay. CRHP provides room and board on its campus in Jamkhed, India to all interns. Internship does not cover flight to and from home country and visa fees.
Connect 123
Connect-123 facilitates career-related internship and service learning opportunities for international undergraduate and graduate students in Cape Town in a wide range of fields including public health and education. Past internship projects have included working with disadvantaged children and their parents on health-related issues, including safety, sexuality, and basic hygiene. Roles have included training, mentoring, and assisting local non-profits with overall program development. For all programs, Connect-123 provides substantial local support, including relatively high-end, secure housing, logistics support, and regular social programs (ranging from cultural tours to community service activities). They also advise program participants prior to departure and provide ongoing support and guidance once in Cape Town, from academic advice and mentoring to hands-on help in case of an emergency.
Cross Cultural Solutions
Students can enhance the quality of healthcare in India, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, Tanzania, Ghana, Morocco, Thailand, or Guatemala by working with local healthcare organizations. Students may work with physicians, administrators, support staff, patients, or families to improve morale and quality of life for countless individuals. Students may work with the elderly, persons with disabilities, and impoverished communities. Anyone 18 years and older seeking a real-world, globally minded experience in their chosen field are welcome to apply. To explore dates, fees, and to reserve your spot, please see the website.

DOCARE International
DOCARE International is a non-profit medical outreach program that brings health care to primitive and isolated people in remote areas of the Western Hemisphere. DOCARE International has worked in countries such as Haiti, Guatemala, Peru, India, Malawi, and Nicaragua. DOCARE has established student chapters at 11 colleges of osteopathic medicine around the nation, and provides 2-4 week rotations abroad in Guatemala and Nicaragua. Please consult the website for dates and fees.
Experiential Learning International
ELI has a wide range of very popular programs that can help you gain medical experience in a clinical setting. Some programs are open to pre-medical students with limited experience, while others require an extensive background in the healthcare industry. ELI also offers placements in other related fields such as physical therapy, nutrition, and public health education. Non-clinical health placements are available in most countries. To see the countries and programs available, please visit the website.
Flying Doctors of America
For over 20 years, Flying Doctors of America has been bringing together health professionals and non-medical support volunteers to care for the poorest of the poor. Areas served include Bhutan, Mexico, South America, Central America, India, Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Mongolia, and the Caribbean. Volunteers usually travel for one week. For more information, please consult the website.
Freedom from Hunger
Freedom from Hunger is partnering with the Rockefeller funded Center for Health Market Innovations (CHMI) in the Andes region of Latin America. The purpose of the work and the Center is to identify and document health programs that are using innovative approaches to reach the poor with appropriate quality, affordable and accessible health services. This internship is for a health services research intern based in Quito, Ecuador and is approximately 10 weeks in length.
Ghana Health and Education Initiative
GHEI offers Serve and Learn projects, approximately 2 1/2 week-long projects developed by local Ghanaian staff based on the needs of the community at that time and implemented by volunteers. Past projects have included health campaigns, malaria prevention projects, deworming clinics, educational camps, girls empowerment projects, and data collection. are offered three to six times per year.
Global Health Strategies
Global Health Strategies offers full-time internships at various points throughout the year in their office in New York City or in India.
Global Placement - Internship and Job Listings
Global Council - Internship and Job Listings
Heart to Heart International
Honduras Outreach Inc.
Hope Worldwide
India Avni Health Foundation
InterHealth South America
International Rescue Committee
John Snow Inc.
Kwazul-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV
Mada Clinics International
MAP International
Mayan Medical Aid
Mount Sinai International Exchange Program for Minority Students
Operation Crossroads Africa
PanAmerican Health Organization
Partners for Development
Peer Corps Trust Fund
Pop Wuj
Primeros Pasos
Teach For Health
United Planet
The 53rd Week
University of Minnesota Global Health Training Course
UN Volunteers
U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention Summer Internship
US State Department Internship Program
VIDA Volunteers
Viva Nicaragua
WellShare International
Women and Health Alliance International
Heart to Heart provides medical education, delivers medical aid, responds to people in crisis, and addresses community health concerns around the globe. Since it’s foundation in 1992, Heart to Heart has delivered medical aid and supplies worth over $1 billion to more than 150 countries, and has responded to domestic and international crises by supplying medical relief, mobilizing volunteers, and providing continuing medical education and lab standards training. To fill out a volunteer application, please see the website.
HOI is a Christ-centered short-term mission organization working alongside people of developing countries who desire to implement sustainable development partnerships. We organize mission trips to Honduras and Nicaragua. Our vision is to create life-changing relationships between the people of developing countries and North Americans, while promoting community directed and integrated spiritual, physical, educational and economic development of men, women and children in the developing world through the promotion of dignity, mutual cooperation and self-sufficiency.
The charity offers multiple options for service, including a year-long, summer-long, week-long, and day-long service option depending on how committed you are and how involved you wish to become. Interested volunteers will need to apply to the program they wish to work in, and different costs, age requirements, and special skills will be needed depending on which program you choose. The organization doesn’t provide healthcare or immunizations, but it does provide security, lodging, and meals for its volunteers. Keep in mind that many of these programs and the charity itself are faith-based. This doesn’t mean you need to be of a certain religion, just know that there may be religious components to the service project.
This internship placement is in India. A mentor is assigned to the intern and we mutually agree on a goal for the internship. Broadly interns have an opportunity to learn through hands on exposure to program planning, management & implementation, data management and analysis, preparation of financial plans and its management, field visits for participating in capacity building programs and data collection, write proposals and source funding, write and submit abstracts for national and international conferences, organize and manage policy level meetings. Opportunities for work include: reproductive and child health, HIV/AIDS, public private partnership, capacity building, advocacy and behavioral change communication, financial management, human resources planning and management, health management information system, monitoring and evaluation, research and surveys, and program management. Mr. Ajey Bhardwaj- Phone: 91 22 26631665; Email: ajey@avnihealth.org
InterAction is the largest alliance of U.S.-based international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), with more than 190 members working in every developing country. InterAction offers internship opportunities three times a year, typically corresponding with the academic calendar and during the summer. Competitive applicants should possess a minimum of three years of undergraduate coursework in an area that is related to the focus of the desired internship. Graduate students are preferred. Applications for internships should be received by mid-January for the spring, mid-April for the summer and early August for the fall. Early applications are encouraged, as positions are filled on a rolling basis, depending on organizational needs. Internships are unpaid; however, InterAction interns receive a transportation stipend of $50 per month.
Interhealth South America has been coordinating study and service programs in Ecuador for North American health professions students and resident physicians since 1999. The program encompasses direct patient care, as well as an onsite introduction to Ecuadorian and South American primary, community, and public health services. In addition, emphasis is placed on medical Spanish language acquisition, with practical skills development in patient interviewing and examination. The format provides guided group and individual clinic experiences and service in global health, coordinated with immersion language learning.
The International Rescue Committee responds to the world's worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives. Domestic volunteers can mentor refugee families, assisting with job seeking and interview preparation. Students and recent graduates may apply for an unpaid internship in the U.S. office supporting case work management services to refugees, assisting with health education and promotion, and programming to support refugee health.
JSI has internship opportunities for students and recent graduates who would like to learn about public health work in both in the United States and in international settings. There are many different types of internships at JSI that allow students to gain insight into public health programs - or business operations, IT, and communications. JSI staff work closely with each intern to ensure that they have a fulfilling experience and contribute to the organization's daily work in a meaningful way. JSI does not have a set internship recruiting or placement schedule. Internships occur at all times during the year and are largely driven by individual projects' needs. Please check the website frequently for updates.
K-RITH offers short term internships (June-August), 1 year internships for South African graduates, and a medical research fellows program. The short-term program runs from June-August each year. Students need to identify their own funding as although K-RITH covers laboratory expenses, we do not offer financial support to cover relocation costs or a daily stipend. Please only apply if financial support has been obtained. To apply please submit your CV and a covering letter with a 200 word motivation on why you should be selected for the program. The deadline for applications is 31 January each year. To apply please submit your CV and a covering letter with a 200 word motivation on why you should be selected for the program and which laboratory you are interested in working in tovictoria.kasprowicz@k-rith.org. The HHMI Medical Fellows Program gives these students a chance to focus on a research project full-time and determine how they can incorporate research into their professional careers. Students must be in good standing at a medical, dental, or veterinary school located in the United States. U.S. citizenship is not required. Students cannot be enrolled in a combined medical, dental, or veterinary/PhD program (e.g., MD/PhD) or PhD, orScD program, or have a PhD or ScD in a laboratory-based biological science.
Madagascar is a medical and education NGO set up to offer free healthcare and schooling to the people of Madagascar. They offer several volunteering opportunities in rural settings. Mada Clinics operates three medical clinics in rural settings, as well as mobile clinics visiting outlying villages. It also runs a village school and offers assistance to nearby schools to help teach English & French to the children. Mada Clinics is looking for people from all walks of life to volunteer to work alongside our dedicated healthcare teams and the local teachers.
Students can travel on short term trips or educational field studies. Short term medical and non-medical teams from North America will serve and learn on brigades or projects within an existing Total Health Village program facilitated by MAP Country Office staff. Students from various levels of educational institutions learn through participating in a short-term field study of community health development programs run by one of MAP’s international offices in Bolivia or Ecuador.
Mayan Medical Aid's educational programs are without equal. They do what no other programs can. They combine clinical experience with both lectures and the chance to provide medical care to 14,000 truly needy, indigenous Guatemalans. In this sense, the program is a win-win situation for all involved: participants learn Spanish and cultural skills and our patients receive care otherwise not available to them. And what is best, participation in the program is guaranteed to change one's personal and professional life - for the better and forever. We offer scholarships in the form of matching grants for participants who spend between two and eight weeks taking this elective in Santa Cruz La Laguna, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. • Medical Students: 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd-, or 4th-year/ Dental Students: 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd-, or 4th-year/ Nursing Students: any year/ Other Health Care Students: any year/ Pre-Medical Students: 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd-, or 4th-year

The Mount Sinai International Exchange Program for Minority Students invites recent minority graduates and current undergraduate and graduate minority students to participate in an exciting and unique international exchange program. Interns are given the opportunity to conduct community-based research under the guidance of a prominent international scientist in one of six countries. Interns will see their research skills strengthened and their cultural and linguistic abilities validated, and will experience and contribute to an international scientific collaboration
Omni Med began work in Uganda in March ’08 as part of the Brookings Institution’s International Volunteering and Service Initiative. This initiative is designed to increase the number of US volunteers who serve around the world each year. The Ugandan Ministry of Health has embraced the program and Omni Med is working under the aegis of the Village Health Teams Initiative in which local community health workers provide immediate care for local villagers, offering a full range of preventive and treatment services to the most rural populations. An innovative aspect of the program is the rigorous evaluation of the volunteers’ impact, something decidedly lacking but desperately needed in the service sector. They are looking for motivated volunteers who are currently working or training to work in a health care related field. Students, both graduate and undergraduate, are also encouraged to apply. Anyone interested in getting involved, please contact Dr O’Neil at ejoneil@omnimed.org
Crossroads community health and medical outreach projects are designed to provide both public health education work and an opportunity to observe firsthand how health care is delivered with few resources and limited technology. Students of medicine, biology, chemistry, nursing, and nutrition, as well as emergency medical technicians, lab technicians, doctors, nurses, and nutritionists, are encouraged to apply for these projects. Limited spaces are available. While we cannot promise a space in the community health and medical project of your choice, we try to match participants with their area of interest. In 2015, Operation Crossroads Africa will sponsor projects in the following countries for seven weeks from June 15 to August 10: Tentative English-speaking host countries: Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda Tentative French-speaking host countries: Benin, Niger, Senegal and Togo. The Africa Program has three components: three orientation days before departure, six work weeks on a development project in the host country, and one travel week in the host country. For an application, please see the website.
PACE independently trains more health providers to decrease mortality rates in birthing emergencies, while improving system efficiency in emergency situations, than any other program in Latin America. PACE achieves this by providing continuing medical education and training programs to public and private medical care organizations in Mexico and Latin America. The PACE MedSpanish Program is a language and cultural immersion program specifically designed for pre-med and medical students, nurses, paramedics, residents, physicians, emergency and general medical personnel, and any other medical professionals interacting with Spanish speaking patients. Over the course of 1-4 weeks, students obtain cultural knowledge and skills which refine their abilities when communicating with Spanish speaking patients at home. It was founded in the state of Guanajuato (GTO), Mexico and operates in Guanajuato City (GTO), San Miguel de Allende (GTO), Oaxaca City, Oaxaca (OX), and San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas (CH).
PAHO interns/volunteers are matched with appropriate technical or administrative programs based on their personal interests and skills. Placements opportunities include PAHO Headquarters in Washington DC, PAHO Country Offices, as well as the Pan American Centers in the North and South America or in the Caribbean region. An Internship is an arrangement between PAHO/WHO and an intern (student) whereby an individual's educational experience is enhanced through practical assignments and exposure to the work of the Organization. Internships are not intended for work of a continuing and/or operational nature, nor for work generally performed by a staff member. Internships are approved for a specific period of time, traditionally ranging from two to six months. A practicum is an arrangement between PAHO/WHO and an individual(volunteer) whose experience and professional background would allow him/her to make a contribution to the work of a technical program, could be authorized to carry out specific activities on a voluntary basis on PAHO/WHO premises under the supervision of a staff member. Practicums (volunteers) last between two months and one year.
PfD works with vulnerable and underserved populations in developing countries to improve their quality of life. The organization works in Cambodia, Nigeria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Check the website for domestic and internationally based internship opportunities.
PeerCorps is actively involved in encouraging young professionals to pursue challenging and rewarding careers in international development and public health. To this end they annually host a number of international interns Tanzania and abroad with partner organizations via the PeerCorps Network. These interns assist with ongoing activities while getting hands on practical work experience in the everyday work of a community based organization. These internships are non-salaried and most students obtain some type of grant or scholarship from their host institutions or grant agencies to cover their living expenses. Some grant funded projects may have additional monies which can be used to subsidize onsite activities such as transportation and meals during field days. To be considered for an internship you are required to complete a pre-application form. Once this form has been submitted you will receive a response from the internship organizer within a week concerning your eligibility and available posts. For more information about application materials please contact the International Project Coordinator at ipc@peercorpstrust.org
Since June 2002, Pop Wuj has offered a Medical Spanish Program for medical students, providers, public health professionals, and other healthcare practitioners (e.g., doctors, nurses, paramedics, physical therapists). For years we have attracted a growing number of healthcare students and professionals who would like to learn Medical Spanish. The Medical Spanish Program provides health and medical education as well as clinical experience in Guatemala. This special program is offered all year round, beginning the first and third Monday of each month and continues for at least four weeks. For further information please contact: Shelley Peery, PhD medical@pop-wuj.org
Each year we select committed individuals to serve in the clinic and dedicate themselves to the rewarding work we do in Guatemala. We seek thoughtful, diverse, and hardworking volunteers. For every application, we consider the applicant’s volunteer and academic history, Spanish level, and enthusiasm. Please consult the website for volunteer positions and an application.
ProWorld offers intern, volunteer and study abroad experiences for individuals and families looking to make a difference abroad while gaining the cross-cultural skills and knowledge to succeed as global citizens. ProWorld began in Peru in 1998 and has since expanded to fourteen countries in three continents. We are proud of the work our volunteers have done over the past decade and continue to push forward to make the world a better place. Our mission to empower communities, promote social and economic development, conserve the environment and cultivate educated, compassionate global citizens.
Teach For Health is a non-profit organization founded by UCSF medical and nursing students and Tulane residents. Since 2009, they have helped train and build a community health infrastructure in 25 communities surrounding San Ramon, Nicaragua. The Microgrant Empowerment Initiative offers training and small starter grants for these communities to solve their own health problems through projects in clean water, latrine building, community kitchens, vector eradication, health fairs, community murals, and many more. You must be able to Commit to at least 6 weeks of work in Nicaragua. This will allow you to establish momentum with your projects, get to know the communities, and give our organization the help we need to justify the training and support costs of getting volunteers prepared for our programs. Please contact Teach for Health if you are interested. Most volunteers are graduate students in Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Education. All volunteers are expected to provide their own airfare and living expenses while in-country. TFH will link volunteers with host families (~$10 USD per night including breakfast and dinner) for their stay and will help to arrange logistics.
The 53rd Week is a non-profit organization that aims to maximize the benefits derived from short-term volunteer initiatives using innovation, education, and research. To improve the benefits to the target communities, The 53rd Week’s multifaceted approach targets community-oriented, locally-directed, collaborative projects and volunteer awareness. While ensuring a positive and educational experience for participants in such experiences, their aim is to reduce the harms and improve the benefits to the communities that receive these efforts.
Interested parties can choose from two options. They can either choose a short-term quest, which can last between one to 12 weeks and cost anywhere from $1,500-$5,600 depending on the length of the quest. Long-term quests last anywhere from six months to one year as volunteers work on a community project, and they are priced between $5965 and $10,225, depending on the location and length of stay. These fees include medical insurance, a monthly stipend, orientation and training costs, and airport transfers. It is also worth noting that since United Planet is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, all fees are tax-deductible for U.S. citizens. You can volunteer as an individual or in a group and while all ages are welcome, there are some minimum and maximum age requirements associated with the different quests to know. For short-term quests, there is no upper limit on age, and most volunteers under the age of 18 will need guardian supervision. For the long-term quests, volunteers must be U.S. or Canadian citizens between the ages of 18-30, although the upper limit is flexible.
Open to medical students, residents, and fellows, graduate nursing students, physician assistants, public health professionals, etc.
UNV directly mobilizes more than 7,700 UN Volunteers every year nationally and internationally, with 80 per cent coming from developing countries, and more than 30 per cent volunteering within their own countries. UN Volunteers help to organize and run local and national elections and support a large number of peacekeeping and humanitarian projects. UN Volunteers comprise one third of all international civilians working in UN peacekeeping operations.
This summer internship is 12 weeks and takes place in Rockville, Maryland. Candidate needs a background in mathematics and knowledge of science or biology. Global Health Impact Program—Quality of Medicines—Assist in preparing a review of scientific articles on the quality of medicines including the analytical methodologies to assess their quality. Duties may also include conducting laboratory testing using spectroscopic devices. The applicant should have interest in public health and analytical chemistry. The research will involve identifying three countries in Africa and collecting data on the types of medicines submitted for registration. Common trends between the three countries will be identified and a risk category for the medicines will be developed based on source and origin of the products, type of medicines, and class of the medicines and frequency of use or popularity of the medicines. A quantitative criterion (numerical value) could be developed to determine which medicines are high risk medicines to test and which ones need not be tested.
The State Department is responsible for formulating, implementing and supporting U.S. foreign policy. The department manages several student employment programs for students to get experience in a foreign affairs environment through first-hand knowledge. Some students work in Washington, D.C., and others have the opportunity to work at an embassy overseas. Positions are both paid and unpaid and many are available during spring, summer or fall.
An exciting non-profit humanitarian volunteer program that offers hands–on, eye-opening, and mind-enriching international volunteer experiences to students and professionals of medical, dental, veterinary, and other fields. We offer unparalleled volunteer experiences for those who want to learn about tropical medicine, discover new cultures, and share with those less fortunate while providing free health and construction services to improve quality of life for impoverished people in Central America.
Viva Nicaragua has an internship program, a comparative healthcare program, a short term volunteer program, and opportunities for groups and Spanish language study. This organization works with institutions and organizations in the southwest of Nicaragua in the districts of Granada, Masaya, and Rivas.
WellShare International offers a variety of internships and volunteer positions both domestically and abroad. They welcome professionals and students who seek service opportunities or internships to fulfill graduation requirements. Volunteers pay a fee of $600 for international positions and also pay for airfare, food, non-work related transportation, and visas. WellShare provides housing, medical evacuation insurance, and work-related transportation.
International volunteer medical teams are recruited from all over the world, to work alongside local medical teams in our projects to deliver the highest quality medical care and treatment to the patients in our programs. WAHA is regularly looking for surgeons, doctors, anesthetists, nurses, midwives and psychosocial therapist who are available for a minimum of 4 weeks to work in one of our projects. They also need volunteers’ support to help us in our daily administrative tasks. WAHA has a limited number of opportunities for interns and university students to work in their office in Paris to gain experience in working with an NGO. In the programs overseas, they have a limited number of internship opportunities for students who have a medical profile or who can work on our research projects. If you’d like more information about the ways in which you can volunteer or participate, then please send an email to info@waha-international.org
African and Asia Venture
Partner with communities in China, Nepal, India, Thailand, Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, or Uganda to make an impact through teaching, sports coaching, community work, or art, drama, music, and dance. Gap year and summer group-based volunteering programs are available to anyone age 17-25.
African Conservation Experience
Volunteer during school breaks or during your gap year for a duration of 2-12 weeks. Support vital wildlife conservation work in southern Africa. Gain practical knowledge essential for a career in the animal care fields, conservation, veterinary science, or wildlife research. Volunteer costs vary according to project.
African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF)
Support lasting health change in Africa through community partnerships and strengthening health systems. During your unpaid 3-6 month internship, help equip communities with the knowledge, skills, and means to maintain their good health and break the cycle of poverty and disease. AMREF Health Africa has offices all throughout the continent, positions for the following year are posted in October. Internships are open to diploma, degree, post-grad, and doctoral students. Experiences can be arranged for credit through your University, if desired.
Bairo Pite Clinic
The Bairo Pite Clinic is located in Dili, the capital city of Timor-Leste. Medical, nursing, and allied health students are invited to join the Bairo Pite Clinic's efforts towards providing free healthcare services to the men, women, and children of East Timor. The clinic staff in co-operation with local health workers (often the lay midwives trained by BPC), perform around 15,000 consultations per year and conduct TB follow-up, vaccinations and health education.
Azafady works to assist the people of Madagascar to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by responding to the most critical needs of communities in the Anosy region so as to contribute to achievement of the government's regional objectives and targets in the fields of community health, education, sustainable livelihoods, and environmental conservation. 2-12 week volunteer projects are sensitively built based the needs directly expressed by marginalized communities
Batey Relief Alliance
Volunteer in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, or Peru to advance the organization's mission of supporting strategic partnerships to help create a safe, productive, and self-sufficient environment, through healthcare, food security, education, development programs, for families severely affected by extreme poverty, disease, and hunger. Medical students may work as healthcare volunteers and non-medical students may seek non-healthcare related volunteer positions. Volunteers are responsible for their own travel expenses.
Bridges to Community
Join 10-20 person teams committed to improving the lives of impoverished communities in developing countries through volunteer service trips in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Week-long projects focus on improving housing health, education, and economic development.
Edward A. Ulzen Memorial Foundation
2 wk-3 mo primary care and public health initiatives in Elmina, Ghana
FHI 360
FHI 360 is a non-profit development organization dedicated to improving lives in lasting ways by advancing integrated, locally driven solutions. Through customized responses to complex human development challenges in communities around the world, FHI seeks to address multiple aspects of people's lives to increase their impact in each community. Follow the link below and search keyword "intern" for current job postings around the world.
Hospital Bon Samaritain (HBS) Foundation

Make a difference in the life of Haitians in the Limbe Valley. HBS provides support to orphaned children with disabilities, vaccination programs, public health education, and philanthropic projects. Volunteers are responsible for air travel, while HBS provides room and board, and necessary transportation during your stay. Anyone is welcome to apply, see the link below for additional program and application details.
International Center for Research on Women

Travel to Washington D.C. for an unpaid internship working on research towards the goal of advancing ICRW's mission of improving the status of women and girls, promoting gender equality, and eradicating poverty. Projects focus on adolescent girls, food security, economic empowerment, HIV and AIDS, population and reproductive health, gender-based and intimate partner violence.
International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN)

Advance your career while working on important projects and building leadership skills for your future through dynamic research and training towards improving equity, efficiency, and quality in health care. INCLEN offices are located in New Delhi and Philadelphia. Opportunities are available to graduate, post-graduate, and doctoral students in a wide variety of fields related to health domains.
International Health Organization

Since 1992, IHO has advocated, developed and implemented health programs that are closely integrated with rural community development programs in South Asia. Participate in an unpaid internship program at the IHO office in Cambridge, Massachusetts to gain crucial experience working in the field of international health, supporting the Administrative Coordinator by organizing and performing a wide range of administrative duties while developing current and new projects. This opportunity requires a full time commitment for at least one semester. Positions are available during the summer, fall, and spring semesters.
International Service Learning

International Service Learning opportunities are open to driven, empathetic, and ambitious individuals or groups interested in serving and making a difference in the lives of others with their own two hands. Volunteer appointments may involve performing public health surveys, helping rebuild a dilapidated school, hiking through the jungle to bring medical supplies to a remote village, or teaching children fundamental academic and life skills. Cost varies by program, find more information and search for a team to join at the link below.
LIGA International (The Flying Doctors of Mercy)

Volunteer with LIGA International to provide free healthcare and education at three clinic locations in Mexico. No matter what your area of interest or expertise, there is probably a volunteer role you may fill to help LIGA fulfill its mission of improving health and education in Sinaloa, Mexico. LIGA is seeking Spanish translators, medical students, interns, and residents work in the clinic assisting the physician in charge.
Medical Care Development, Inc.

Improve the quality and quantity of affordable and accessible healthcare to the neediest people on Earth by providing technical assistance to organizations ranging from grassroots community groups to multilateral donor institutions. Intervention efforts include malaria control, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, and integrated treatment of HIV/AIDS and TB co-infection. Internships require that applicants have an undergraduate degree. Language requirements may apply.
Medical Teams International

Join Medical Teams International for short-term international community impact projects. MTI focuses on disaster relief, dental health, community health, emergency medical services, and training. International and U.S. volunteer opportunities are available. MTI does not have faith requirements for volunteers, but some in-country partners request Christian volunteers, which is noted in applicable country summaries on the website below.
African Impact
Volunteer with African Impact for 2-8 weeks or intern with them for up to 6 months in Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, or Zimbabwe. Medical projects allow volunteers to make a significant impact on reducing local healthcare issues, such as nursing, midwifery, AIDs education, and laboratory support. Prices range from about $1,100 to $2,600 depending on location and length of trip.
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