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Daily life in a Spanish mission

Tony Easo and Andy Tran

Andy Tran

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Daily life in a Spanish mission

An Andy Tran & Tony Easo production.
We present to you
The daily life of a spanish mission.
There are many different kinds of people in spanish missions.
Missions are a religious settlement. They were used by Spain to conquer Texas and to spread the Catholic religion.
Examples of missions are these.
This is called the Alamo. It's a famous texas mission that was used as a fort by the Texans in the Texas Independance war. It was originally a Spanish mission. It was given to the Texans by the Mexicans.
There are soilders, the families of the soilders and the Native Americans.
Their daily life was pretty tough. espicially when there's disease and not fresh water.Even shortages of food and supplies can possibly happen
This Prezi presentation will tell you about the daily lives of each of these poeple.
Native Americans
A spanish misson depends on a stable population of them so that many crops would be grown and traded well.
A spanish misssion also wanted them to convert to the catholic religion.
They would be in buildings learning spanish.
It was very hard for them to convert to this way of life
Sometimes they might runaway and be captured by the soilders and padres(chpalan of millitary.
This video will also talk
about the Native Ameicans.
The soilders are the ones to protect the missions which was their main job,
Spanish soldiers in the Texas missions
The soldiers would take different shifts to gaurd the missions.
The natives would live in seperate houses in the mission
They would go to churches like these and learn the catholic religion.
They would also have jobs such as mule drivers, shephards or masons.
The natives also has a government as well in certain missions.Suppose if a Native forgot to go to a prayer. Native officials would have them tried or sentenced.
They would recite the Christian doctrine before and after work.
It was important to keep a friendly relation with other Native tribes as well to avoid posssible attack.
The soldiers there would protect the people in the missions and the presidios(millitary outposts set near the mission) to stay.
And the mission would supply them food
They would check on Native Americans to check if they ran away or revolted
If that ever did happen the soilders would usually whip them
They did not stay full time at mission.
They would go around to guard at either thession or a presidio.
If misbehaved or couldn't go to an assembly, they would usually get whipped by a Native American assistant under the orders of the Padres.
The soilders were only citizen soilders
Very few soilders were needed to check on revolts
Family of the spanish soilders.
This is Presidio La Bahia. The soilders would be in presidios like La Bahia and protect the mission.
The children would get to play games or harvest crops from the mission's field.
The family of soilders came into the missions to live with them so that they wouldn't be a long way apart.
The leader of the mission allowed them to do so
They would live in presidios
Some might even chase bird off the fields.
They would also go to school and church.
The mother would cook with the help of her daughters.
Choirs were at the mission and people were taught to sing.
Men would gamble,hunt or go fishing.
They would play games like hide and go seek or tag.
They might even go swimming.
As you can see a child's life is much more fun and easier.
They didn't have much free time because they had work to do. Like harvesting ,digging up irrigation systems and building houses e.t.c
As you can see most people's lives were tough.
Sometimes when a mission is in bad conditions(diseases, floods,shortages of food or Native Attacks) life can be very bad ecspicially for Kids.
Life in a Mission depended on the mission's conditions.
Few missions were sucsessful. For example the Alamo.
Few missions also could keep the population stable.
Death was pretty common at alot of missions.
Every one at the mission had to do a morning prayer and an evening prayer.
Mission life wasn't always tough.
There would be special events too like fiesta and religious holidays.
Horse racing, bull fights adn a rodeo were used for entertainment and good entertainment on breaktimes.
Each day natives would recieve 1 or 2 religious leesons.
Most ruins of abandonded missions stand today as a tourist sight.
A lot of missions were abandonded because conditions were really bad.
You can see them today and learn more about mission life and the mission itself
We hope you have enjoyed this Prezi presentation.
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