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Mental Health Issues in Higher Education

No description

Michael Cavalli

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Mental Health Issues in Higher Education

Issues in Higher Education: Mental Health and the
College Population HWC-598, Spring 2013 Caitlyn Aubel
Michael Cavalli
Stephanie Roth
Michael Toomey Mental Health Defined "A state of well being in which every
individual realizes his or her own potential,
can cope with the normal stresses of life, can
work productively and fruitfully, and is able
to make a contribution to her or his
community." (WHO) What types of mental health issues
can arise while in college? Anxiety Depression Eating Disorders Suicidal Ideation Psychotic
Breakdowns What factors contribute to the overall
mental health of students? The Transition to College The College Experience The Student Perspective After suffering a nervous breakdown,
Owen explains "I spent most of my time
in bed. I didn't go to any lectures in the
last term... which nobody noticed... I did
the exams, the Christmas exams. I did
really badly and then I came back and just
tried to struggle on." The student's effort to conceal their
condition is largely due to the stigma
attached to having a mental health
condition. The Student Misinformed Barriers to seeking help from college counseling
offices include, the student not knowing where the
office is located, what services the center offers,
and whether the counseling staff are qualified
or experienced in assisting students with
severe mental health conditions. Campus Resources Academic Support Community Engagement Managing Social Pressures Psychological Services Physical Wellness For the Worker Cultural Competence The Impact of Policy:
Family Educational Rights
and Privacy Act A Critical Lens:
Mental Health and the LGBT Student Activity: Coming Out Stars Considerations for Practice Closing
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