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Do you you believe that you should wear seat belts

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Aubrie Gilchrist

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Do you you believe that you should wear seat belts

States Laws
Consider proven strategies for increasing seat belt use and reducing child motor vehicle injuries and deaths, which include. Primary enforcement seat belt laws, which have been shown to increase use and reduce deaths compared with secondary enforcement laws. Seat belt laws that apply to everyone in the car, not just those in the front seat. Fines for not wearing a seat belt that are high enough to be effective.
Well I think you should wear a selt belt
Well I think you should wear a selt belt. Benefits of wearing a seat belt the use of seat belts is often the difference between life and death in the event of a car accident. It may take an extra second to buckle up, but that simple measure often has invaluable benefits,the most important being that it could save your life.
Simple Facts
Do you know that every hour someone dies in car crash simply from not buckling his or her seat belt and you can be a victim if you do not simply buckle it when you get in your car? The first thing everyone should do after sitting in their car is buckle their seat belts.
Seat belts are by far the most important safety feature of your car. No matter what speed you are going, or how far you will be traveling it is extremely important to always have your seat belt on.
Do you believe that you should wear a seat belt
Created By: Aubrie Gilchrist
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