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My Music Management & Event Project


Amelia-eve Warden

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of My Music Management & Event Project

Graphics/CD Cover Name Genre/Influences Genre Sound, Production, Ethos These are specific songs I have taken a liking too due to the nature of the song, instrumentation, lyrical content and production. Music Management Ideas Tripping on Insects- Locking in with the storyline of the song due to tripping off something small but bad and seen from other perspectives. Colours and Imagery Dark and emotional :- locks in with the original storyline
Meaningful and intellectual- serious song and want a meaningful and deep imagery
Image to connect to the name Acoustic, Live Lounge feel, due to it being only vocals and piano to get a really emotional and meaningful feel to the song. Influences Pablo Nutini Template songs Pablo Nutini- Autumn Leaves Ron Pope- In My Bones Option One Option Two Main Music
Video Ideas To have a music video in the recording studio of all of the musicians playing and singing the song, like the music video:
Damien Rice- The blowers daughter To have a music video set outside in the country on top of grassy acres of land to show the natural and emotional feel to the song as nice views in the background sets the mood. Image Logo I would like to emphasize the lyrical content in the Ron Pope song as this has various similarities to the song I written for 'Tripping On Insects'
The reason I put Jar Of Hearts & Autumn Leaves in this section is due to the instrumentation of each song, they are similar in many ways but so different also, I used these two songs as templates due to the feel of the music and the way they have been played. Appearance & Representation USP & Target Market Male & female aged from 15-35 due to the song being very 'adele' like, and by research her target market is 13-45. Our Unique selling point is a band consisting of one male and one female. The male singer plays piano and guitar, and the female is a rap artist that also plays piano. Market & Promo EPK Meetings & Discussions 12th March Matt & I went through lyrical content, structure with piano accompaniment. 13th March Had a discussion with Jermaine AKA Jaws, the headlining act of my event, about song structure and lyrics. Very Successful meeting. Achieved a new song, and went through new production for new upcoming song. 20th March Starting calling up Bucks SU for event space and power etc for event. Also contacted Jermaine via the finalizing of the song. My second song is very hip-hop based and will also be aimed to the younger generation. Its very American orientated. I think this because a lot of the younger generation aged 13-30 listen to a lot of American hip-hop, like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne etc Our Unique Selling point for the hip-hop song, is a white female rapper and a black male rapper, combining. As you do not usually see a white female rapper in this generation. THE ROUNDHOUSE EVENT STAFF VENUE PROMOTION, MARKETING & SALES What Defines My Music Event? What Makes A Music Event Successful? The main points that makes a music event successful:
Venue- My venue is a major point of my music event as it is easy to get to, is in the center of High Wycombe where the majority of the audience are located, and has quite a high capacity rate but doesn't have a high capacity amount to what we prefer. The cons of this venue is that the venue do not hold alcohol within the hall, and we are holding a over 18's event, which could be a problem but is stated very clear within the promotion page. Staff- You need the right staff to do the job properly, with bad staff and unreliable staff this will cause a mega issue within the process and success of your event. If you have professional staff members which are willing to their job then this will reflect dramatically on the process. Promotion- Promotion has to be the main point due to bad promotion will mean no audience.
You need a good team such as street team that will help hand out flyers, put up posters and get the word around about your event within the chosen location. You will need to create logos, posters, flyers, and online social networking pages such as create an event on Facebook and invite every person you believe will attend, and try expose your event as well as possible. Being creative is a must. Line Up- The artists that are performing need to have a similar genre as each other, for example you cannot put an acoustic artist with metal as it doesn't fit. You need to think carefully about your target audience and will the music be liked by the audience viewing.
Also, will the artists be able to play the gig due to the capacity, location and will they be getting paid for this event. The points that define my music event are; the staff, this point being because of the enthusiasm they have for this event to succeed, and also for the future as me and my team would like to pursue in promotion and creating events. The specific roles we all play and take on, which may be a challenge but will not phase us as we are working together. Lastly, how creative we've been with the promotion of the event and our ideas being pursued. The promotion- As we all had ideas on how we wanted to expose our event but how we came up with our final ideas is we did a lot of research on musical events over Facebook. I have many friends which hold musical events already and we looked at how they made their posters and how they described their event over their event page and we used that as a sort of template.
After researching we put our imaginations to the test and all individually put points down on how we'd like the poster to be, and also it had to fit in with the genre and the line-up. Artists/Line-up; A lot of the artists we have for our line-up are either close friends or we have worked with in the past. Already having a bond with the artists made it a lot easier to arrange their set and times with them. Also, which made things a lot better was my line-up I had before combining my event with KVybes Events, it locked in with the genre of their event and also doing a lot of work and promotion on my event already it fitted so well which meant less work, but just combining them to fit better.
All of our artists have amazing talents and have past experience in performing which looks well on us as it shows professionalism. Team Needed For My Event- Confirmed
Street Team-Myself, Seb, Kieran
Sound Engineer-Tom, Soundstudio team
Light Engineer-Soundstudio Marketing/Sales-Kieran, Seb, Myself, Raj, Vance
Stage Management-SoundStudio
Supervisors-Erroll Kingsley, Kvybe Event Team
Photographer-Fae LouDoun
Promotion-Myself, Seb, Kieran Analysis of lyrical content- Autumn Leaves The fact its "Autumn" just refers to the time of year his grandfather passed.
"My hero cried" refers to watching his own father cry at the funeral.

I don't understand the Alzheimers reference about not making sense saying " my little fish don't cry" as i feel it is a term of endearment he called his grandson. Long before this song i use to call my daughter (who is know 15yrs) My little fish from the day she had her first swimming lesson and it stuck with her till her teens.

Losing his Smile at the sadness of his loss but getting it back as time passes and also " his face in his fathers eyes " some times as much as we hate to admit, as we get older we become more like our parents. Maybe his father changed at such a loss and became more like his grandfather and therefore young Paolo could see the similarities giving him his smile back. Production & Composition of Jar of Hearts According to the sheet music published at Musicnotes.com by Hal Leonard Corporation, Jar of Hearts is a moderate piano-rock song pacing in time, written in the key of C minor. Christina Perri's vocals range from the notes Eb-C5 as she sings to the score of pianos and chords. The song consists simply of a piano melody and delicate strings. Additionally described as a wrenching, string-drenched ballad, the song features angrily, unvarnished piano rock. Christina Perri stated that she does not know how to read or write music, but knew how to perform certain piano chords, which were used in the song. In the singer's personal blog she released the piano chords of the entire song. The verse of the song is played in the notes Cm Eb Bb Fm; the pre-chorus in Fm Ab Eb Bb Fm Ab Bb us; the chorus in the notes Eb Bb Cm Ab end with Eb. The bridge in the notes of Cm walk down C, B, Bb, A, Ab G; and the outro finishes the song in the notes Ab B F. In this project we had to create and hold an event. Book the venue, arrange the line-up, all catering and beverages if needed, and promote; market and sell this event as well as possible to make sure it is successful and that we are able to do so. These are the accomplishments I have done leading up for the night of my event. PROMOTION 1] have created a Facebook events page inviting every person I know and that would be within the area to attend. 2] I have created a poster promoting the date, time, the line-up and what we have on offer that night to bring the audience in and to make them want to come. 3] I have created a logo to show we are a professional association and so they know for future reference that it is us holding future events if the logo is shown on other promotional materials. POSTER LOGO EVENTS PAGE Theoretical Budget £5 a Ticket, sell 120 =£600 £50 photographer, £120 Security, £10 flyers/posters £15 printing tickets, Venue is funded already.
Travel cost £35, Bands free. Total: £220 Profit £380 My street team (Myself, Seb, Kieran) will be handing out flyers and posters we have printed and created within the High Wycombe area, and also around Amersham Col.lege as that is where the majority of our audience are located. My Sound engineers (Tom, & SoundStudio Team) will be managing the sound desks thoroughly and professionally to make the artists sounds the best as they can, this will reflect on our work as an Event Team. My Light engineers (SoundStudio Team) will be responsible for all lighting equipment, the movement and to make use of the staging, make the performance looks as good as possible with the equipment available. My marketing team (Myself, Seb, Kieran, Raj, Vance) have put tickets on sale and all agreed to a reasonable price of £5 per ticket, advance and door. Location The location is in High Wycombe. The reason I chose this destination is due to it being local and within the area I live. It is highly populated and the majority of the audience actually live within this town.
The venue is very easy to get to, it is near a train station and a bus station which are both located about a 5 minute walk away from the venue. It is central so isn't far to get too.
A lot of food and drink places are around everywhere so if the audience get hungry that is also a benefit. Promotion and Dates 15th May- events page on facebook was created and invited over 1000 friends to it. 70 already confirmed attendance.
20th May- Flyers and posters printed and put around Amersham College, in Marlow Bottom music shop, local live music pubs and bars in High Wycombe. Flyers handed out to Amersham College students at lunchtime.
28th May- all remaining flyers been handed to students in their lessons, we did a door to door classroom visit handing out flyers and promoting.
29th May- bought all refreshments and items needed on the night. Cost For Venue This venue and event has already been funded for, and also includes a team with the venue. (SoundStudio) Paolo Nutini really influenced my music, by his live performances, the way he plays, and the amazing tone how he sings. He writes the majority of his own songs which is also a massive inspiration as it shows he does a lot for himself and doesnt just rely on his label to do it all. Ron Pope Ron Pope influences my music as he writes every song, and all of his songs are so technically written, and are based on events that have happened in his life which I find so inspirational. What Defines and Influences a good artist or band ? What I believe defines a good band is the amount of work they do, which also is very inspirational, as if your an upcoming artist and you look up to a certain artist or band and you see how much work they have put in to get to where they are in the industry then that is very inspirational and gives them a good rep and a mass market following. Also what I think defines a artist/band is the songs they write. Usually the most popular songs are catchy jigs that are easy to catch on, play or sing. That is why disco, dubstep songs are very popular as they tend to be very repetitive which has made that genre explode within the younger generation. Inspirational CD Cases Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
The Dark Side of the Moon is the sixth album by progressive rock band pink floyd. This CD cover is of a very creative design, it features a neon blue prism on the front with a spectrum of light passing through it. The band have made a point of only using minimal different colours and I think this is an effective technique as it keeps it simplistic but at the same time interesting to look at, which I think the was one of the bands main aims.This CD cover has used a completely black background aswell, I think for this cover it has a good effect as I think it gives it a kind of spacey feeling and a surreal look. Another reason that I think it is an effective colour to use as the background for this CD cover is that as they use a spectrum of different colours going through the prism and I think that using a black background really helps to bring the colours in the spectrum to the foreground and make them stand out well so it catches the eye effectively.The text telling us who the CD is by and what it is called is confined to one small corner space in the top right hand corner of the cover. This has both good and bad effects. The bad effects are that as it is so small it makes it hard to see and so you wont immediately know wat it is as it doesnt jump off the page at you becasue it is so small. On the other hand it has good effects as aking it so small means that your attention is drawn to the images on the front cover instead of the text which i think is a good thing as the pictures are more interesting to look at than the text. Blur- Good Song Good Song is a single track CD by the English Pop/Rock band Blur. Released in 2003, this single cover is very eye catching, and not due to any bizarre colours or electronic, techno images, just by the story behind the picture.
This picture shows two children standing on a hill of destruction which is a complete juxta position due to the title of the song is called 'GOOD song' which is the opposite of what the children are standing on. This cover is inspirational due to the image alone, two innocent children holding a heart balloon on a hill of destruction could mean, they are heading into danger or something unsafe. What makes a good album/single cover? What I believe makes a good cover is the story behind it and how it locks in with the band and songs itself. Also it needs to be appealing to their audience and fit in with their genre, they are selling to their fans not themselves. What Makes a Successful Song? I believe a good song has to be catchy and needs to appeal to their audience, whether it is mass or niche it needs to appeal and capture the audiences attention.
I think a successful song is a song that sticks and by making it stick is making it catchy. A catchy melody, or catchy lyrics always makes a song a lot better and this is a good thing for when you perform your songs either at a gig or on tour, as you know your audience will know it as it is very catchy. What Makes A Good Music Video? I believe what makes a good music video is the story behind the video, if it makes sense with the song that always is a benefit as you start to understand the moral of it.
If its packed with fun parts or is comical then this will also be very popular with the audience. Marketing Campaign Marketing Campaign on Alternator Gigs I looked into a local High Wycombe Promoter and event manager Neil Alternator to view and state his ways to promote, and how he holds his events. One way he promotes is online social network sites, such as (Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube) also he has his own website which he has a gigology which shows all the times and dates of when his events are and where they are.
Website: www.alternatorgigs.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/neil.alternator/about
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlternatorGigs
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AlternatorGigs?feature=watch How he does this is by inviting all the people he knows on facebook and who he knows will attend, also making sure it fits in with his target audience, and writing a detailed description about this event in the information box, writing the line-up, any deals or special events upcoming etc.
I think this is a very good way to promote as everyone within the younger generation is always on social networking sites so you will instantly have their attention if you invite them to an event, especially one that they enjoy the genre too,
Also another good thing about promotion on social network sites is the fact that it can be within a wide spread of places not just local, you need to look at your demographic then you have a better vision of what direction you are heading. Over promotion could lead to losing your audience due to too much new feeds and updates. Main methods of promotion within the local area are, posters, flyers, banners, and word of ear. If you ask your friends which you know, know a lot of people then they can spread the word of your event and invite a lot of people. Also giving them flyers that you have self created, also shows independence and creativity. Try make these posters and flyers look as professional as possible to show that you are taken seriously by your audience.
Posters need to appeal to your target market and fit in with the demographic, also needs to lock somehow with the genre of your line-up and overall event & theme. They need to be eye-catching and interesting for your followers.
Another method is press interview or radio plays or interview, to advertise your event and also to promote your upcoming gigs, events, and shows.
What Alternator gigs do is post up a poster of the upcoming event, and tag the team working on the night or people they believe will come. This is a good idea as you are notified the tag and then you automatically look at it and observe the details and then that's a definite benefit as you know people have viewed it. This is also good for future gigs and promotion.
They also keep past photos up of the audience and the venue, these show how many people attended the event and this is good for promotion as it shows that they must be good, plus it gives them a good reputation. Venue- Our venue does make our event a lot easier due the location being in the center of High Wycombe and a 5 minute walk from a train station and a bus station. Also has a capacity of 120 people which is good for a starter gig. Roles Within A Live Music Event Street Team- The Street team hands out flyers for upcoming gigs/concerts. They are a massive help as they help promote and get bands more publicity. Catering- Supplies the food for the event.
Sound Engineer-To manage the sound desk at live events, also to add effects to all mics and sound equipment for better sounding. Also they can record live music on the desks.
Sound Assistant-To assist the sound engineer with all on-stage technical requirements, also to assist the sound engineer with all sound desk requirements.
Light Engineer-Lighting technicians are responsible for the movement and set up of lighting equipment for separation of light and shadow or visual effects. Lighting Technicians may also lay a certain piece of equipment which will get the lights to put moving images or patterns in the background of the bands or live music being performed, not just to look nice but visually to show professionalism. Also, most lighting technician work as riggers.
Stage Management-Maintaining the schedule & changeovers, and inform people of any schedule changes, sound checks, and over view the technical set up making sure everything is running smoothly on stage.
Backliners-A backliner is responsible for the backline instruments of an artist or event. This includes setting up, making sure that the instruments are ready to play, taking care of technical issues and taking down the backline at live music productions. The backliner is standby at all times during a show and takes responsibility to solve any possible technical problems concerning the backline immediately.
Gate/Steward-The role of a steward can vary in position from, serving tickets, wristbands, picking up rubbish, or just observing the smoothness and running of the environment. Stewards are usually there to make the environment nice to look at and to make sure the audience are happy. Gate stewards are there to hand out tickets, and to collect money of customers and monitoring the ticket holders.
Security-The Security is there for the safety of the staff and audience. They make sure no danger comes to anyone within the venue. No illegal drug use, or smuggling alcohol in a non-alcohol event, making sure you are the right age to be in the event and making sure everyone is happy and safe.
Graphic Designer-Designs all promotional materials needed for the success of an event such as, banners, posters, and flyers.
Bar-Serves beverages to the audience.
Journalists-They review a bands upcoming CD/EP, interview bands, assess past and current gigs.
Promotion-To expose the gig or concert using posters, flyers created by themselves or their team and social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. By creating an event and adding people you may know and to make sure your gig gets complete exposure.
Photographer-Takes pictures and edit pictures of the event itself, this maybe for promotional use of for future promotion showing your achievement of your past events.
Filmographer-To shoot and edit live music videos this may be used also for promotional use to expose the bands or the filmographers work.
Volunteer Coordinator-This role involves all communication skills, they book all staff and crew needed for the event and to make sure they are able to do it and are prepared and on time.
Market research- Design, implement and analyze market research both on and offline, they analyze new trends, profits of equipment or venues. event review Event Review This is one of the EPK's that I have a big interest in.
I like how they used an interview to get a lot of detail and information out of Owl City. For example they started talking about where he was from and his personal life.
Secondly, I really like the graphics in this, like on the calculator saying 'This is my story' etc, I think it is really creative how they have done that. Also, what they did at the begin by placing an owl on top of scenes of the music video.
This has to be my favourite EPK. In this EPK, it is so much more different to all of the others, my main point is the USP in this EPK.
He is a white male that sings reggae and bashment music, and is very well known for this unique point.
I like how they go through scenes of his tour and through people he has worked with so the say good points about him etc, and I like how they use different editing techniques to show effect on each scene.
Flicking from him being interviewed to scenes of him performing shows effect as it shows his popularity, his follows and how well known he is. He has performed all over the world and is a very big and well known artist, not just for his music but him as a whole, his image and how he speaks. This is what stands out in this EPK for me, originality. This EPK is also an interview EPK, but it is very different as she talks through her journey, from childhood to university.
She talks about how she got famous and into the industry, by winning a competition and talks about music running through her family.
This is the type of EPK I would aim to do it like, this would be my template.
The reason is as I love how she talks so in depth and so straight forward then it flicks to scenes of her performing her most famous songs that everyone knows. Collie Buddz Owl City Why do you need an EPK? EPK’s are a publicity tool meant to showcase the talent or skills of a person or entity. They are used by musicians, actors, authors, athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, companies and professionals of all sorts.They can be used in any industry and, in this day and age, can even be especially helpful during a career transition. For example, an EPK can be a personal website that highlights your education, skills, accolades and achievements. You can upload your resume and provide an introductory video giving the potential client or employer a reason to remember you. Ellie Goulding EPK Also visually a white female rap artist, dressed in blouses and blazers is also very different as rappers and mc's usually have a sort of slang street swagger look, as I dress quite formally. Newspaper/Press This will be after the event has been held. Newspaper This is the review on our event at The Roundhouse, held on the 31st May.
What I believe went well was the diverse genres connecting and locking so well, and the bond the artists got with the audience. E.g. Alluzeion went into the crowd and walked around and started singing to the audience and making interaction and making them laugh. Also, I've been told the sound was very good which was a big confidence boost as that day I just got throw onto the desk with no notification due to our sound technicians canceling on us.
What went wrong was the smoothness of changes of acts, as the bands were not ready to come on stage as they were wandering around and not staying near the stage to prepare themselves to go on to perform, we needed to go find them and tell them to come on. What I also believed went wrong was the sound in parts. Myself was on the sound desk all day doing sound checks and all night. I was in total on it for 9 hours in one day, due to in the morning no bands ready and prepared to be sound checked so it taken a lot longer than it should of.
What I think could be improve is set times for bands to be by the stage and when they need to change and how long it'll take to set up ready to perform, which sound only take 5/10 minutes between acts.
Secondly, we need to have 100% confirmation from sound technicians, as I needed to run off and on stage to see what mics are in what channel, which is another thing we need to improve is that we need to mark every jack lead, every mic, to make it a lot easier for the technician to know what they are using. Also, definite backliners as they also canceled on the last minute so we had to do that too. Our promotion wasn't efficient or efficient due to having no promotion team or timeline when to be done by etc. We needed a timeline of when to have flyers printed and when the team we organized can promote and hand them out. Where they were handing them out, and when.
We over printed the flyers and posters and didn't hand out enough, we were left with a lot of flyers that weren't handed out.
Our online promotion wasn't to the right demographic, we needed to aim to the right target audience, and not enough people were talking about the event. Needed to be a lot harder on the online promotion. Needed an online team to promote and share the event as we didn't have enough time to do it ourselves.
Staff member canceled on the morning of the event, which caused a massive problem within the success of our event. Having no sound technician meant we had to do the sound ourselves, no backliners meant we have to backline ourselves, which made it really hard for us to be in 5 places at once. Made loss in profit of £50 due to paying members of staff and not good enough promotion to make a profit and no selling enough food and beverages, should have researched the food and drink better. Having a non alcoholic event did put a dent in the profit as a lot of people were asking if we sold alcohol. Late performers made it very stressful, the headline act didn't turn up until they were on at 10.10pm and they were on at 10.05. Note: not to book unreliable performers, research their gig past, also didn't hold a good performance, no one enjoyed their music, too loud and were screaming down the mics and asking inappropriate questions to the audience. Should of got a live music recording to check for future reference if we would like to book them again and to see if they are fitting our genre of the future events in advance. Also to get a contract with them to state what they would like in advance and to settle and disputes after. We didn't sell any tickets in advance which didn't give us a breakeven and we also could of promoted and sold more tickets this way if we did, but was all time dependent which we didn't have, should have had a good street team and timeline. What went well overall? Everyone said they had a really good time, everyone was really relaxed and was up and dancing. Finished on a good note, with the acts getting all the crowd on their feet and laughing.
Was a good learning curve for the future what we need to buckle down on more and to do timeline for every little thing.
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