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Start-up HR Business Plan for a Photography Company

Final Project

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Transcript of Start-up HR Business Plan for a Photography Company

HR Business Plan - Photography Company
By Annie Safdar

What Business is all about?
Digital Fine-Art Photography Lounge
Training & Development
Keeping company business in mind, since it’s a project based company so emphasis is more towards getting trained resources rather than training and developing at the facility
Compensation Plan
Performance Management
Human Resource Planning
Company will follow flat structure due to its nature of business, also adding more level might hinder creativity
Recruitment & Staffing
Employee Relations
To revolutionize the photography industry with the State-of-the-Art still images along with empowering individuals the best innovative practices
Business Scope
High-End /Weddings
Corporate world
Event coverage
Wild Life
One-Stop shop concept, where one customer selects services on its own, gets all done right starting from idea generation till delivery of services.
Human Resources
Permanent Staff 60%
Contract / Wage Hr 20%
Independent Contractors 20%
To target market with 30% of success rate and after successful completion of first 2 years, company’s goal is to increase its business by 20% in next 1 year
HR Planning
Job Analysis

Recruitment Process
College & Universities
Employee Referrals & Bulletin Boards
Electronic Recruiting
Selection Process
Telephonic Interview
Personality Test (OPQ32)
Face-to-Face Interview

Interview Type
Situational Interview with a mix of Behavioral questions
Trained Resources
Professionals / Independent Contrators
In-house Training Facility
Learning opportunity for upcoming photographers rather for in-house faculty staff as well if anyone wants to move to any other area of interest in photography field
Employee Status
Full Time - Exempt Employee "Creative Professionals"
Contract - Non-Exempt
Independent Contractors

Establishing Pay Rates (Survey, job evaluation, Pay Grades, Pricing, Fine Tuning)
Pay & Benefits
Pay Strategy - Lead Competition
Compensable Factor - Odd timings / locations
Pay Increase
Performance Appraisals
Graphic Rating Scale
Performance Management Process
Goal Setting
Flat Organizational Structure
Better Employee Relations
Working Conditions

Employee Treatment
Job Security
Open Communication
Company Business Progress
Grievience Handling

Any Questions
Noe, R.A., Hollenbeck, J.R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P.M. (2013).Human Resource Management. Gaining a competitive advantage. 8th ed. NY: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc

Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
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