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Welcome to Romania


Paul Leddy

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Romania

The Family
Gift Giving Etiquette
Business Etiquette
Business Card Etiquette

Product Introduction
Welcome to Romania
Bicameral Parliamentary-type Democracy

President- 5 years
Senate & Chamber- 4 years
-European Union
-North Atlantic Treaty Org.
-World Trade Org.
Minimal monthly salary= $235.60
Social security contribution – 10.5%
Health fund – 5.5%.
Flat rate= 16%
VAT standard rate= 24%
Legislative Power

Chamber & Senate
Executive power

Mortality (per 1,000) 11.89 7.99

Children <5 Underweight 3.6% 1.3%

Poverty Rate 21.1% 14.5%

Unemployment Rate 6.5% 5.5%

Arable Land 37% 17.5%

Cost of Farmland/Acre ($) 3,000 4,000
Economic Stats
GDP ($bill.) 130 189

Unemp. (%) 8.1 6.5

Min Month Wage ($) 162 235

Export ($bill) 2.135 5.325

Import ($bill) 2.748 4.763
Economic Growth
Arable land= 23 million acres
Used arable land= 17 million acres
Unused arable land= 6 million acres
Agric workforce emplymnt= 26%
Romania Produced:
22.1% of all grain maize
8.6% of all cereals
6.9% in all industrial crops

Shan Alvi- Fit Foods Co Founder and Sales
(Kraft Video and Marketing Plan)

Leena Aman- Fit Foods Product Manager
(Product Research and Presentation)

Christany Coker- Fit Foods General Manager
(Yummy Bari Logo and Graphics)

Paul Leddy- Fit Foods Economist & Research expert
(Politics and economy & Slide presentation)

Jake Martin- Fit Foods Co Founder and Sales
(Kraft Video content and Marketing Plan)

Khalid Said Hassan- CEO of Kraft Foods and local Romania
(Kraft video, Culture, and Politcs)
A special thank you to Zach Tovar, Brandon Donner,& Brice Praslicka for graphics video production.
Vigilance, truth,
loyalty, perseverance
and justice

Hardiness, bravery, strength and velour

Symbol of generosity
Population 23 Million
Capital city
Romanian Language
approximately 89% of 23 million
Hungarian 7% of 23 million
German Speaker 1.5%
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