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SLC Public Participation Platform Model

Nole Walkingshaw

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of YNSLC Prezi

The landing page for projects. On this page links to projects from all divisions or departments of the City can be posted. This collection allows for quick access to a summary of information and opportunities to learn more and engage. SpeakOutSLC
Allows for broad discussions on topics. Open to the community to introduce new topics into forum, to be used with master plan, policy and amendment projects early in the process. http://slcplanning.uservoice.com/ data.slc.gov
A data share portal is becoming essential for governments to truly be transparent. Additionally the data generated by the government can be harvested and repurposed by the community to help develop applications for the community. yourSLC
A landing page that helps educate and direct public engagement BlogSLC
A collection of blogs from departments and city leaders Open City Hall
An online forum for civic engagement. Read what others are saying about important Salt Lake City topics, then post your own statement. City officials will read the statements and incorporate them into their decision process. http://www.slcgov.com/opencityhall yourSLC
A public participation platform OpenSLC, a Code for America Brigade serving Salt Lake City! http://openslc.org/
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