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The Basic Five Elements of Hip Hop

A presentation of the elements that make up hip hop culture.

Bernard Harris

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of The Basic Five Elements of Hip Hop

The 10 Elements of Hip
Hop Culture/ Early Influences
Mr. Harris
Origins of Hip Hop Culture
Hip Hop is a Culture
Krs 1 explains that
hip hop is something
you live, rap is
something you do
There are 10 elements
of Hip Hop Culture.
#1: Rapping/MCing
2. Breakdancing
3: Graffiti
4. Beatboxing
5. Djing
5. Djing
The Basic Elements
of Hip Hop Culture
DEFINITION: Culture is defined as the behaviors and belief charateristics of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.
6. Street Fashion
7. Street Language
8. Street Knowledge
Street Knowledge
9.Street Entrepreneurism
Early Influences:
The Last Poets
One of hip hop’s most influential groups on early hip hop was Gil Scot Heron and the Lost Poets.
Almost single handedly laid the groundwork
For the emergence of hip hop.
Lyrics dealt primarily with black people’s issue

Sampled: 50 cent Kanye West
Recently died early this year
Known for “ The revolution will not be
Early Influences on hip hop
The Church had an amazing impact on hip hop
Clergy’s use of parables and testimonials were used to keep the audience’s attention
A major tool that was used was, “The Call & Response”
Early Influence: DA DOZENS
A competitive oral competition which combines humorous insults & oral skills in order to shut down your opponent.
Used by Muhammad Ali to disarm his opponents. His mouth became an extension of his fists. His verbal skills were an extension of his fists.

Early Influences: Comedians
Comedians such as Redd Foxx,
Richard Pryor and Flip Wilson
used their gifts to bring style,
rhythm and stories of the streets.
In between the jokes, they provided
commentary on black social issues.
Early Influences: James Brown
Harmless right? From the initial viewing, it would appear to be a normal commercial. However, after close observation there are a couple of things wrong with commercial.In this commercial for the Gap,
LL is actually is secretly advertising
for another company. Look at his baseball
cap, Whose Cap is it? Listen for the phrase
"For Us By Us on the down low". Who is
he advertising for?
Both the cap and phrase were free advertising
for this company. The cap was an example
of product placement. The phrase "For Us By Us"
was word of mouth. The GAP had no idea of
what was going on...but everybody else did.

We're going to look at this one
commercial two times. Here is your
1st viewing. This is a commercial for the
This does not necessarily
mean drug dealing or being
a pimp...it refers to having a
hustler's mindset when it
comes to making money.
10. Political Activism- A subculture of hip hop that focuses on social issues.
The End
In this scene, Snoop goes to buy
a nail gun at the hardware shop,
but her intentions may be for another reason....
In this scene, Snoop is at a warehouse
looking for some "Equipment" for some
future jobs...
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