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Public Policy & Child Labor

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Emily McCalley

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Public Policy & Child Labor

Happy hearts and happy faces,
Happy play in grassy places--
That was how in ancient ages,
Children grew to kings and sages. - Robert Louis Stevenson But for 215 million children around the world... school and play aren't an option. Child Labor... affects every nation on the planet. When a family is desperately poor... they need extra income to afford food and housing... to survive. Children have to supply that extra income... by entering the job market. They work in fisheries, mines, farms, factories, restaurants, hotels, and even family businesses. When a child works... He cannot perform well in school (if he has the time to go at all). He resigns himself to a life of poverty. He is often abused. children perform
poorly children don't
attend school The Cycle of Poverty family is poor children get
jobs unqualified for high-
paying jobs The question is... HOW DO WE BREAK IT? There are several places the cycle can be broken... 2. law enforcement/ monitoring 3. financial aid 1. education 1. Education 3. Financial Aid 2. Enforcement/
Monitoring Universal primary education is the most important factor in eradicating child labor. It can be achieved by: 1. Governments 3. Private organizations and
businesses 2. Civil groups The law must be strictly enforced to ensure that employers stop hiring cheap child workers. However, the laws must be instituted gradually to prevent small business failure because of an instantaneous increase in labor costs. Families need financial support in the gap generation when their children are in school and can't provide income. They also need a form of financial security to ensure that economic recession won't force them back into the poverty cycle. Government Welfare Microfinance Savings Groups While government-funded financial support can be effective in first-world nations, many of the most at-risk child labor zones are underdeveloped countries, which don't have enough resources to fund welfare programs. Microfinance allows prosperous private donors to give small loans directly to poor small-business owners. This can allow parents that extra income they need after their children go back to school. When several community members contribute to a communal emergency fund, it can help provide income smoothing and prevent families from re-entering the poverty cycle. This helps to ensure that child labor doesn't reappear after it is eradicated. but it doesn't have to. ..
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