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Central Message and Theme for Fables, Fairytales, and Folktales

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Laura Simpson

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Central Message and Theme for Fables, Fairytales, and Folktales

Central Message using Fables, Folktales, and Fairytales
I can statements
I can infer to determine the central message of a fable and use evidence from the passage to support my answer.
I can plan and write my own fable.
I can create a website using my fable.
Central Message
The central message is the main message
by a character in the story.
What does the author want you to know.
The message is usually not stated but inferred
It's the "message in a bottle" of a story.
Characteristics of a Fable
Fables are short fiction stories (they did not really happen)
Fables start as "Once upon a time...." or "A long time ago....
The purpose of a fable is to entertain.
Fables usually have one main animal character with one or more other animal characters.
CHaracters in fables are animals that act like humans
Fables teach us a lesson or moral, usually to the main character.
Central Message and Theme Examples






believing in yourself


being happy with
what you have
Steps for Writing a Fable
What will be the lesson or moral of your story?
Who are the two main animal characters and what are their names?
Who is the main character, the one who learns the lesson?
Who is the other character or characters in the story?
What are the characters like? What are their personalities?
What is the setting?
What are the sequence of events that happen in the story to help teach a lesson?
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