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alphabet assignment

kristen beeler

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Bangladesh

Bangladesh! B Cricket C Death Rate D www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-burqa.htm, 9 October 2012. Sources Burqa A burqa is outer wear that covers the entire body, except the eyes and hands. Muslim women in Bangladesh wear Burqas. They are worn in response to the Quranic principal that women should dress modestly. (www.ehow.com) The Muslim women do not wear them at home, just in public. Burqas in Bangladesh are typically blue or gray. (www.wisegeek.com) Cricket is the most popular sport played in Bangladesh. "The Tigers" is the official name of the cricket team in Bangladesh. "Bangladesh is a full member of the ICC (International Cricket Council)." 61 Tests have been played as of July 2009 and only 3 have been won. The first Test won by bangladesh was against Zimbabwe and the other two were against a West Indian team. "Their performance has led to repeated calls for them to lose their team status." (www.rocksbd.hubpages.com) "Tropical storms present a major threat to Bangladesh." Within the past 50 years, there have been around 718,000 deaths from tropical cyclones. The death rate has declined by more than 400- fold in the past 40 years. The major factors include earlier warnings, cyclone shelters, improved evacuation systems, and coastal embankment. Although warning systems have been improved, evacuation before a cyclone remains a challenge, with major problems caused by illiteracy, lack of awareness, and poor communication. (Bulletin of the World Health Organization; February 2012. volume 90, Issue 2. p. 150-156, 7p, 1 chart, 1 graph) Flag F "The present day Bangladesh flag was adopted on January 17,1972, after gaining independence from Pakistan in 1971." The flag has a green base with a red circle placed slightly to the left side. "The circle is placed slightly to the left side so that when the flag is flying, it will appear to be in the center. The green base color of the flag symbolizes the greenery of Bangladesh with its vitality and youthfulness. The red circle represents the rising sun as well as the sacrifices Bangladesh people have made to gain independence." (www.worlflags101.com) Holidays H Olympics O Phones P Transportation T Ramadan R Water Lily W The official public and national holidays in Bangladesh include: Shahid Dibosh (Martyr's Day), Shadhinota Dibosh (Independence Day), Pohela Boishakh (New Years Day), Vesak/ Wesak/ Vesakha (Buddha Day), Bordin (Christmas), and many others. (www.bangladesh.com) Four holidays, Vesak/ Wesak/ Vesakha, Sri Krishno Jonmashtomi, Durga Puja, and Eid- ul- Adha, celebrate other peoples births and victories. Two of Bangladesh's holidays, Me Dibosh ( May Day) and Shadhinoa Dibosh (Independence Day) are national holidays. The new years in Bangladesh is also celebrated on Jan. 1. (www.worldtravelguide.net) The US Government Agencies in Bangladesh will observe all holidays respectfully. (www.dhaka.usembassy.gov) Bangladesh has yet to win a medal even though they have gone to the olympics 11 times. Bangladesh has never had an athlete that has qualified for the olympics based on how they perform. The athletes have participated based on wild card allotment. Syque Caesar, an American who has dual citizenship in Bangladesh, went to the olympics to represent in gymnastics. He hopes to start a gymnastics program in Bangladesh. (www.sports.yahoo.com) www.ehow.com/facts_6167699_history-burqa.html 9 October 2012. rocksbd.hubpages.com/hub/history-of-bangladesh-cricket 10 October 2012. Bulletin of the World Health Organization; February 2012. volume 90, Issue 2. p. 150-156, 7p, 1 chart, 1 graph www.worldflags101.com/b/bangladesh-flag.aspx, 14 October 2012. www.bangladesh.com/national-holidays/, 9 October 2012. www.worldtravelguide.net/bangladesh/public-holidays, 9 October 2012. www.dhaka.usembassy.gov/holidays.html, 9 October 2012. www.sports.yahoo.com/news/bangladesh-is-the-largest-nation-to-never-win-a-metal-but-it-has-four-athletes-in-london.html, 10 October 2012. www.globalenvision.org/countries/bangladesh 9 October 2012. www.encyclopedia.com/topic/bangladesh.aspx 10 October 2012. www.opendoorsusa.org/pray/prayer-updates/2012/)7-july/christians-encounter-ramadan-in-bangladesh, 10 October 2012. www.funtrivia.com/en/Geography/Bangladesh-15608.html, 12 October 2012 deshi-fool.blogspot.com/2010/04/water-lily.html, 14 October 2012. The Water Lily is the national flower of Bangladesh. They are white and pink flowers that float on the surface of the water surrounded by green leaves. "Giant lilies are commonly found in Bangladeshi parks and botanical gardens, of which Dhaka (the capital) has 2." (www.funtrivia.com) The Water Lily represents all the rivers that flow through Bangladesh. "The livelihood of some wetland farmers is based on Water Lily farming."(www.deshi-fool.blogspot.com) For a whole month, from dawn to sunset, muslims in Bangladesh fast. After sunset, they feast. Fasting is when you are not aloud to eat or drink anything for a certain amount of time. Along with not being able to eat, during Ramadan they also cannot smoke cigarettes. Muslim is the main religion in Bangladesh, so the majority of the population participates. Most cafeterias and restaurants close, so non muslims have to bring their own food to work or wherever else they may go. It is considered offensive to eat in front of someone who is participating in Ramadan. This year, Ramadan began on July 20. (www.opendoorsusa.org) Railways and waterways are the main mode of transportation in Bangladesh. Railways reach most districts of Bangladesh, and the ones it doesn't reach depend on waterways. Highways become emerged in water during the rainy season, therefore they are not dependable. In Bangladesh, there are not many motor vehicles. "As of 2003, there were 31,700 passenger cars and 60,200 commercial vehicles registered." (www.encyclopedia.com) www.bdwebguide.com/mobilephone.htm, 14 October 2012. Over 50% of the Bangladesh population uses mobile phones. 80% of the farmers now own mobile phones. Mobile phone service is rapidly growing. "Airtel, a private mobile operator in Bangladesh will provide early weather warnings using its gps via cell phones." This will help farmers and fishermen. (www.globalenvision.org) Some mobile phone companies in Bangladesh include: Aktel, Banglalink, Citycell, and Teletalk. (www.bdwebguide.com) By Kristen Beeler
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