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Chapter 9: Meetings

No description

Abby Heydauf

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 9: Meetings

Chapter 9: Meetings, Meetings, Meetings
Parliamentary Procedure
set of formal rules

Will of majority

British Parliament

Rules and language

Used in meetings/Groups
Questions About Meetings
Disruptions in Meetings
...more powerful than you think
"The Chronically Impatient"
"Why Successful People Never Bring Smart Phones to Meetings"
Lack of Respect
Lack of Attention
Lack of Listening
Lack of Power
Official group members participate/vote

number of members needed (specific percent)

individual responsibilities

careful balance

Only one topic at a time

Basic Guidelines
Key Aspects
Majority Will

Minority Rights


Orderly Progress
Majority Will

Minority Rights

Balanced Discussion

Orderly Progress
Formal parliamentary procedure not always used

Minority rights

1.Why are we meeting?
2.Who should attend the meeting ?
3.When should we meet?
4.Where should we meet ?
5.What materials do we need ?
In the Democratic Debate
Why are we meeting ?
What it really means to be late
House of Cards
disruptive member behavior stunts progress towards group goal
disrupts not only instructor but others around them
important to avoid in order to reach goal
Most common form of distraction: texting
2/3 students send 1-10 messages in a typical class
associated with a lower GPA because...
Multitasking doesn't exist...
splitting attention decreses quality of thought brought to each activity.
Lack of Parliamentary Procedure
the average person spends 8 hours and 40 minutes on electronic devices
so chances are we're on our phones when we're not supposed to be


Minority Rights

Majority prevails
-Bernie Sanders

Minority rights
-Martin O'Malley


What is the purpose ? make sure the people know the purpose
In many situations it is better for personal conversation
25% of meetings could have been replaced with phone calls,memos, email,etc.
The most Important step in planning meeting is defining its goal as clearly as possible
Types of Meeting
Information -Giving meeting
Information getting
Instructional meeting
Problem solving meeting
Who Should Attend the meeting ?
Try to keep the group at manageable size.
Try to limit them to 12
A group of 5 to 7 members is ideal for problem solving
Who should attend a meeting ?
Will the member contribute useful information or insights during the discussion?
Will the member be an active participant in the meeting ?
Is the member available at the designated time ?
Is the member committed to finding effective solutions?
Do members represent diverse points of view ?
Are important decision makers and implementers represented ?
When should we meeting
There's an app for that...
Pocket Points
Best time to schedule a meeting is between 9 and 11 am and between 1:30 to 3:30pm
The optimal meeting time is an hour. Anything longer should have breaks in between
If it is a Complex task it may be better to have many meetings rather than one to finish everything
Advice for meeting time
Avoid Friday afternoon meetings when energy and enthusiasm
Avoid meeting immediately after lunch when members may be sluggish
Avoid early morning meetings that are difficult to arrive on time
Avoid Scheduling group meetings near holidays or at the beginning or end of the week
Make sure the most essential and productive participant are free!!!!!!!!!
The Last 2 Questions!
Where should we meet?
Choose an appropriate location and room size for the group
Look for a quiet place with no distraction
What Materials do we need ?
very important with out materials nothing get done
make a list of essential things you need for the meeting
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