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Elements of the Hero's Journey

No description

Tiffany Gu

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Elements of the Hero's Journey

made by Tiffany Elements of the Hero's Journey Unusual Birth The Calll to Adventure Supernatural Helper Crossing the Threshold Talisman or Special Weapon Trials Achievement of Goal The heroes often have got an unusual circumstances surrounding them. They may be born to royalty or has a god or goddess as a parent but they may also get danger from the birth. A hero may refuse but only leave willingly while he's convinced, tricked, or forced. The beginning may be on accident. The hero usually gets aid by someone old and wise, with magical and mystical power. The role acts as a guide as the hero embarks into a new world and faces challenges to his/her life. The hero often has a protective device as a weapon given by the supernatural helper to him/her as he meets danger, that'll be useful in the journey. The hero sometimes leaves the familar, safe world of childhood and home and enters into the new world of the journey. The hero has to succeed at a serious of trials that challenge and build his or her moral strength and character.
One of trials involves a descent into the underworld where the hero may experience a wound sometimes. The hero achieves the ultimate goal of the journey after successful completion of the trials. The goal may be an object, a conceptual task or knowledge or a state of being as in the story of Buddha. Reconciliation with a father-figure If a division or conlifct with the hero's father or father-figure is prt of the hero's journey, reconciliation or healing with the father occurs as part of the hero's journey. Returns Home The hero sometimes willingly or unwillingly, again crosses the thereshold and returns home. He/She brings new wisdom and important cultural values back to the community upon return. The Lightning Thief The Lion King Star Wars 1. Percy Jackson has a god (Poseidon) as his dad.
2. He could suddenly get power from water.
3. He's got ADHD. 1. Sinba was born in the royalty and his dad was Lion King.
2. A ray of sunshine shone him while Baboon raised him.
3. All animals bow because of his birth. Harry Potter The Lightning Thief The Lion King Star Wars Harry Potter The heads of the half-blood camp asked Percy had to go to find the Lightning bolt for Zeus, or the world might be destroyed seriously. The Lion King’s dead and Sinba ran away because he thought it’s his fault to cause the death. The Lightning Thief The Lion King Star Wars Harry Potter Chiron introduced Percy to the whole camp and the new world he should face. Baboon reminded Sinba his responsibility and helped him to come back. Obi-wan kenobi helped Luke to revenge those killers who killed Luke's kinsfolks and was killed by Darth Vader in the end. The Lightning Thief Star Wars Harry Potter Percy got the pen (Riptide) from Chiron and it’s actually from his dad. That sword was only used for killing monsters. Ben gave Luke his father's Lightsaber (A "laser sword" consists of a polished metal hilt which projects a brightly lit blade) and then it became his special weapon. The Lightning Thief The Lion King Star Wars Harry Potter After Percy won the fight with Minotaur, he woke up at the Half-Blood Camp. And that means, he's already crossed the threshold. 1. Sinba went across the dark jungle. 2. He went back from the “paradise” and started to face the challenges. Luke left his planet and went to the Alien World (Death Star) to start his revenge. The Lightning Thief The Lion King Star Wars Harry Potter 1. Percy and his friends met The Kindly Ones on the bus and got attack. They started to escape.
2. After escaping, they met Medusa in a restaurant because of hunger. They almost were trapped but in the end Percy killed her.
3. Percy met Echidna and the Chimera in a museum without Grover and Annabeth's help. And Percy was almost failed.
4. Percy went to get Ares's shield in order to persuade Ares for the truth of his mom and the Underworld.
5. Percy and his friends got to the Underworld and faced Hades directly. Hades had been enraged and wanted to catch Percy, but Percy used 3 pearls to escape and left his mom.
6. After getting out of the Underworld, Percy realized Ares was tricked on him and fought against Ares in order to return back the helm and the bolt. Sinba crossed the desert,saved his mom by having a fight gainst the hyenes, got out of his bad memories and beat back Uncle Scar.Finally, he got a fight from Uncle Scar. Luke and his partners firstly wanted to save the princess from The Death Star. Then they'd escaped from two closing walls and began both destroying and escaping Death Star until success. The Lightning Thief The Lion King Star Wars Harry Potter Percy's mom finally got back from Hades because Percy returned the Helm of Darkness and she made Gabe into a sculpture with Percy's help. And he also returned back the Lightning Bolt for preventing a world war. Sinba became the king after winning Uncle Scar from a fight and revenged him successfully. Luke damaged the space station first and saved the princess. He successfully destroyed the Death Star seconds before it could fire on the rebel base and got escape from the Death Star in the end. The Lighning Thief The Lion King Harry Potter While Percy returned back the Lightning bolt and he decided to return home, Poseidon showed his love and proud in frond of Percy and that made Percy feel a little warmness. Sinba met his father-figure and realized he had to save the kingdom after watching his reflection in the water. The Lightning Thief The Lion King Star Wars Harry Potter 1. Percy returned home in New York from the Olympus.
2. Percy decided to go home and lived with his mom from the half-blood camp. Sinba went back his kingdom and became the new king of animals. Luke returned to his planet. 1. Harry's father is a successful wizard named James Potter and a mortal called Lily Evans. 2. Harry is the only one that isn't killed by Lord Voldemort. Luke sky walker is the son of Jediknight. An unfamiliar beautiful woman called in the hologram that she needed help. The day Harry Potter received a series of letters from Hogwarts that told him he's a wizard and had been accepted at the school, he was called to the unknown adventure. Albus Dumbledore was the principal of Hogwarz and he often cared about Harry a lot and gave him a hand while Harry needed help. Harry used a wand as his special weapon and he found that the wand that suited him best was the twin of Voldemort's because both wands contained feathers from the same phoenix. Harry left the Dursleys' home to catch the Hogwarts Express from King's Cross railway station and passed through the magical wall to Platform 9¾, then he got on the train and went on an unknown adventure. Harry met Fluffy (the three headed dog) by Hagrid and passed the Devils snare by Professor Sprout, the Keys by Professor Flitwick, played a life sized chess set by Professor Mcgonagall, got a mountain troll by Professor Quirrell and the potion riddle by Snape and faced the mirror of Erised by Professor Dumbledore. In the end, Quirrell revealed his real face——Voldemort and tried to grab the stone from Harry, Harry struggled hardly in order not to let others take it. Harry protected the stone from Voldemort but the stone had already destroyed. Fortunately, the school returned peace and Harry was still alive from the fight with Voldemort. From this part of story, Harry didn't know much information about his father. After Harry woke up in the school hospital, Professor Dumbledore told him that he still survived because his parents sacrificed their lives to protect him, and Voldemort was confused why they had such love. Harry returned to the Dursleys for the summer holiday and left the magical world briefly until he went back Hogwarz.
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