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Love actually

No description

Carolina Ivars

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Love actually



I chose these picture because the story happens in London.
Main Ideas
It is not very simple to identify with some personage, because there are many but the one I liked most was Jamie, at first he doesn't realize that he loves the girl, Aurelia, but finally he leaves everything for her and he goes looking for the girl that he loves. I like this character because I think that he has a brave personality, and because I like the finally scene where Jamie goes for all the suburb looking for the girl, and everyone who sees follow to him to the restaurant where works Aurelia.
By: Carolina Ivars 4 E.S.O.
Level: 4 - intermediate
Editorial: Penguin Readers
Personal Opinion
I like this book because they are different
stories, romantic and comedy. I really recommend this book. One of the things I liked is that having different stories about different types of love (between husband and wife, boyfriends, fathers and sons or daughters, stepfather and stepson, famous people with normal people, friends, etc... that make the book more original. Another thing I liked is the positivism that transmits, for
example that the love is beautiful and you can find anywhere. In my opinion the
book has a good level since the vocabulary
was not very complicated and I learned new words.
If You want everything in Christmas is possible.

Love is all around us.

The love can finish with the differences between the people.

Christmas is time to be with the family and the people you love.
Love is the main book's theme.
I chose these picture because the book tell us the story of some different couples.
All the stories happen during Christmas, a very special day for some people.

Lobster -
My cousin is allergic to rice with lobster.

mistletoe -
In winter the mistletoe in the trees more obvious.

Nod -
Elena nodded when asked if I wanted to eat something.

Plump -
some babies at the age of 2 are a bit plump.

- Before the music had to rehearse many times

Best man -
John Michael asked to be his best man.
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