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Moon Conspiracy Theory

No description

Aaron Ballard

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Moon Conspiracy Theory

Aaron Ballard Moon Conspiracy Theory On July 20th 1969, the United States successfully landed the first ever manned spacecraft on the moon. The Apollo 11 landing is widely considered to be one of the greatest human achievements of the 20th century.

However, to this day various claims still persist claiming the entire event was a hoax, and was possibly even shot on a sound stage. These accusations mainly dwell on inconsistencies in the video footage and the photographs from the landing.

The 1978 film 'Capricorn One', depicted American astronauts and NASA faking a Mars landing. This movie arose many interesting ideas, ones that would endure for decades. The Moon Landing After the creation of Capricorn One, many other theories began to arise. The close examination of photos taken on the 'moon' lead to the uncovering of new information that lead people to believe that the moon landing may have been staged. An article released by National Geographic in 2009 investigates many of these inconsistencies, including variations in lighting and the myth concerning the planted American flag waving in an 'airless' atmosphere. National Geographic continued to provide sufficient explanations for these inconsistencies, proving these myths as incorrect and accrediting the moon landing staged in 1969 by NASA. Capricorn One & Other
Conspiracy Theories National Geographic also studied the myth concerning the lack of stars in any of the moon images, a time delay of only two seconds in the voice transmissions, and the lack of any kind of blast crater where the craft had landed. However, further attempts to analyze the footage using modern techniques has been rendered useless. On August 5th 2006, it was learnt the NASA had lost the original Apollo 11 tapes, containing telemetry and the high quality video of the first moonwalk. Blueprints for the Apollo Lunar Module, rover, and associated equipment are also missing. This lead to even more questioning by the general population. However a recent episode of myth busters investigated the beliefs of the moon landing hoax and the members were able to scientifically prove that the photos taken on the moon by the US astronauts are genuine and were able to 'bust' any other hoax beliefs. Episode information and results can be found at http://mythbustersresults.com/nasa-moon-landing.
. Conspiracy Theories Cont. NASA has released many counter claims, such as the claim that the flag waved in the airless atmosphere as a result of the astronauts rotating the pole to penetrate the lunar soil have surfaced, in an attempt to eradicate beliefs that the landing was a hoax. Also, rocks that were brought back from the moon were scientifically tested by NASA and results claimed the rocks contained substances that would not be able to maintain their properties or occur naturally on Earth. NASA Despite the counter claims, this information leads me to believe that the Moon Landing staged in 1969 by the American government was in fact a hoax. The US government deemed it vital that it win the Space Race against the Soviet Union as the countries were already at War (Cold War). Therefore, I believe that this hoax was staged to provide bragging rights for the US throughout the duration of the Cold War. Personal Beliefs
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