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No description

Yoseph Mario Yappy

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Breadtalk

Done by :
Yoseph Mario Yappy (C3218030)
Phua Guan Ying (C3218524)
Ja Awng (C3173882)
Htoi Ja @ May Shat (C3171222)
Indawaty (C3170079)
Strategic Analysis
1. External Analysis
> General Environment
> Megatrends
> Specific Environment
> Turbulence Model
> Megaforces
> Conclusion

2. Internal Analysis
> Core Competencies
> Internal Weakness
> Conclusion

> Social
> Economic

Turbulence Model

> High intensity and frequency
of product change (New bread
products and flavors)
> Highly dynamic environment
> Founded in 2000
> Listed on SGX in 2003
> CEO – Oh Eng Lock
> Offer wide variety of breads, cakes,
buns & pastries
> Revenue grew 26.31% from 2009 to
> 850 outlets with 7000 workers

> Threat of Substitute shoprite (Food Retail
industry Profile: South Africa, 2014).
> Threat of New Entrants
(Sacb.co.za, 2014).
Core Competencies
> Unique concept and branding
> Open concept design
> Creative and fun sounding names
> New types of buns introduced regularly
> Strategic locations
> Accessible to consumer traffic flow areas
> Located near public transport systems
> Increase in bargaining power with its growth
> Bulk purchases of raw ingredients
> Leveraging on its core competencies by
> Expand quickly through franchising
Internal Weakness
Strategic direction-setting
1. Introduction
2. Strategic Analysis
3. Strategic directions and strategic objectives
4. Business-level and international strategies
5. Strategic implementation: General Perspective
6. Key Implementation issues
7. Strategic evaluation
8. Conclusion

Largely rely on Singapore
Unpredictable consumer tastes
Products can be replicated
To establish the company as the foremost international, trend-setting lifestyle bakery brand

: To lead a new lifestyle culture with new, innovative changes and creative differentiation to craft products with passion and vibrancy.
Strategic objectives
Corporate governance
- Enhance long-term value and returns for its shareholders
- Clear division of responsibilities between Board and the executives
- Hold a formal and transparent process for the appointment & reappointment of directors
-Directors must provide adequate and timely information
Culture difference
- Breadtalk has diviersified its activities across cultures
- Managers need to understand these differences to develop products to avoid failure/losses
- Implementing policies and practices that are fair to all employees and in line with their cultures
- Managers must aware of the language differences to manage the global workforce at the company
Stakeholder Theory
Business-level Strategies
Ansoff's Product-market matrix
Product Development
- New products, existing markets

-Using R&D to create new & unique bread design and flavor every 4 months

International Strategies
Transnational Strategy
- Seek to achieve both global efficiency & local responsiveness
-They expand to other countries but offer same products

Strategic Drift
Strategic Implementation: General perspective
-War in Iraq and SARS outbreak in 2003 which had impact on BreadTalk
BCG Matrix
BreadTalk Group
Strategic Implementation areas
Failure to protect or use IP

Breadtop copied floss bun trademark.
They have the same material of shopping bags.

File a lawsuit to defend
Not having the right staff skill in China.

Disrupt the business productivity.

By transferring trained Singaporean staffs to China to teach other staffs.

Not enough staffs

Restricted to expand its business.

Train the workers.
Hire more foreign workers and mix with Singaporean to gain culture.

Strategic Evaluation
Triple Bottom Line

Earn higher profit compared to last three years.

Donating fund to Red Cross Haiyan

Current prospects
It targets emerging consumer market such as
Owns a high profile bakery brand and franchise
right to Din Tai Fung.
Operates chain of domestic food court.


Currently trading at a trailing twelve
month (TTM) PE of 22.4x.

Triple bottom Line
-Leverage branding and strategic location to create
customer base worldwide.

-Remain highly selective in choosing Franchisees

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