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Jergens brief

chris bridgland

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Jergens


Social media Digital Partnerships Blogger outreach Social bookmarking and news

Create informative articles based around the skin
Effects of sun on the skin without moisturising
seasonal skincare - coming up to holidays getting your skin prepared
What you can do to look after your skin after the beach

Make it transparent that the article is sponsored by Jergens, and include some of the series videos

Communicate with power users on high traffic sites such as digg & stumbleupon to drive traffic - incentive being using my power user status as leverage

Kirtsy - female orientated social news site - less traffic but lot more direct Facebook Advertising

Direct targeted approach to female 18 - 44 via sidebar advertising. If budget is enough then front page coverage with interactive content to showcase the brand

Alongside approaching facebook power users to organically spread content, sharing updates and content with their networks.

Numerous overlaps from blog / twitter / youtube outreach Twitter

Approach users with extensive followers such as
Makeupgeek 19k | sephora 63k | Beautytipshub 6k

lots of power users to approach via wefollow.com with 780,000 registered twitter followers.

Ask to endorse the brand/product from testing
After contact send them the video link once live to retweet....

Ideally ask all to use same #phrase and link into the episodes to get their followers to watch

YouTube UK search volume

make up - 16,900
make up tutorial - 32,800
makeup - 7,500

skin care - 8000

channel 4 - 139000
YouTube power users

Approach YouTube make up gurus and ask to send over a pack of the products. Examples of gurus:

panacea81 - 360k / bubzbeauty - 270k / pixiwoo - 111k / filthygorgeousmakeup - 28k
pixi2woo - 20k / MakeupAdikt - 20k

xsparkage - 170k / queenofblendingmua - 105k / s2pandapple - 60k / macNC40 - 54k

There are lots more channels and these would need to be databased to ensure complete youtube user coverage.

With all youtube approaches would also encourage outreach and promo via their social networks, ie. pixiwoo has over 5000 followers on twitter.

With all uploads we should ask about having a link in the description / annotation at the end of the videos linking directly to 'Skin and Bare It' episodes.

Raise awareness of the brand with YouTube users.
Increased click throughs to episodes / related videos click throughs.
Increased search volume from brand awareness.

Burst views to get YouTube visibility

a. advertising
b. high level traffic in first 24 hours YouTube channel branding

Brand design
Call to actions - purchase links / social sites
Encourage subscriptions & conversation

If can apply for partner status Annotations

Annotations are very important in ensuring brand connection on YouTube.

Vloggers like sXePhil use annotations perfectly, not cluttering videos but giving users further options to find content. Creation and maintenance of female orientated blogging database

Health &Beauty
News & Topical Content

Approach all personally and before content due to be released.

Send all packs for review, and ask to follow up with promoting and embedding the videos.

Incentivised - have to give the bloggers a draw to posting content as well. Exclusive content? Star in own episode? Direct Messaging Users

Build up a list of highly related videos, health/makeup/fashion

Approach positive commentors about content Inform bloggers about an extra annotation at end of videos to ensure they watch and spread the message.

Sites which get the most views (trackable from YT Insights) will be asked to star in the next season / year long supply of Jergens / trip to NYcourtesy of Jergens. Buzz / Viral Tracking Sponsored posts incl. videos

Their incentive - posts will be bookmarked to drive in traffic / site awareness

Communicated throughout all social sites UK Google Search

Dry skin - 9,000
moisturizer for dry skin - 4,000
body lotion - 200,000
moisturizer - 165,000
jergens natural - 2,500

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