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Are aliens real?

No description

Karen Callis

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Are aliens real?

are aliens real?
A cop was on a chase when he saw blue fire land.he stoped the chase and looked for the ship.He found the ship and stared in amazment.He thoght that he was seeing somthing that he was not aloud to see like,a top secret testing millitary weapon.He went to his car to report it then...It turned into blue fire and flew away.scientist found traces of metal.then they knew it was true
Are UFO's real?
In Germany red and black balls of light crashed into each other and exploded.Ufoaligest sugest that UFO's where fighting each other for control over earth.
Is Area 51 real?
Area 51 has really good security.They say that there is cameras in places where they are easy to see and some that are hard to see like on top of cactuses.they have really good under ground sensers under ground that they can tell bettween animals and people.
Are aliens real?
colin a. dibnah
this was a video of a alien sugrey that was proved fake. it was made of holleywood modeling.
UFO found above a airplane
thank you!
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