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Animal Farm Soundtrack

No description

Toni Davis

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Animal Farm Soundtrack

Soundtrack for Animal Farm Song 1 - Carry That Weight by The Beatles. By: Toni Davis Song 2- We Run This by Missy Elliott Song 3 - Imagine by John Lennon Song 4 -Mad World by Gary Jules Inouye - Green This song relates to Animal Farm because this song is about one person carrying too much on their shoulders and is always holding the burden. In Animal farm, this is represented by Snowball and all the other animals being oppressed by Napoleon's ruling and his rules. This song relates to the animals in Animal farm. The lyrics "It don’t matter where you from it’s where you at", "We run this", and "Represent your coast" mean to represent where you're from and control it. This represents the animals as an anthem to when they ran Mr.Jones out of the farm and how they controlled/maintained the farm after he left. This song represents Animal farm because this song is about a change in the belief system and a system that values the people. This relates to the animals because they wanted a change and didn't want to be controlled by humans. This song relates to Animal Farm because it's about a life that is in a constant pattern or routine. Like history repeats itself. I think it represents how the animals always did the same work over and over and how Benjamin wouldn't be apart of the revolution because he's old and he knew how it went and he knew it would be the same. Song 5 - Revolution by The Beatles This song relates to Animal Farm because it talks about change and it talks about what it takes to start a revolution. Also it says "Everything will be alright." To me that reminds me of how Snowball took the lead during the Battle of the Cowshed and the fact that he had a plan and led them then won, showed me that he was sort of telling all the animals that everything would be alright and that they could live without man controlling them.
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