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The Ultimate Safari

No description

Cassie Galpin

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of The Ultimate Safari

The Ultimate Safari a short story by:
Nadine Gordimer Furthermore.. Style Features Additional Terminology Thank-you for listening to our
presentation! Present Themes Point of View Conflict Identifying the Stories
Protagonist Introducing the Story.. Setting Explanation of the title.. Taking a deeper look to gain
a clearer understanding: The story is set in war-torn Mozambique. It is as told by a nine year old girl who loses both her parents during the war. She has an older brother and a younger brother whom she sets off on an unforgettable and grueling journey with her grandparents. The Ultimate Safari Environment is in the middle of Africa
(desert like place with villages and towns)
High crime rate, not safe from danger
(bandits have a heavy influence [kill people,
steal, and cause terror])
Kruger Park:
-Many animals (ex: lions and elephants)
-A place for white people to stay and look at
- Is guarded by police and wardens
-Acts as an escape for the protagonist and her family Use of youth perspective creates naive interpretation of the situations faced.
Physical depiction of the protagonist left for the reader to contrive.
Clearer image of protagonist is developed throughout the story.
Character motivated by the desire to escape her conflicted country (motivations left uncertain due to a lack of understanding of the conflict around her) First person
Primary character
Through protagonists point of view
(the girl) Types of conflicts:
Nature conflict (external)
Protagonist vs. self (internal)
Limiting circumstances Persevere
Never give up, don't dwell in the past for a
brighter future
Equality: "there was no Kruger Park between
them and us, we were the same people"
Presentation of text reflects the use of a youth protagonist
Text also suggests the protagonist's foreign heritage.
Naivety depicted through internal thoughts of protagonist.
Story lacks dialogue, as protagonists paraphrases the conversations of those around her.
Lions are very dangerous, such as like the feared bandits.

Black polish and shoes represent a great amount of hope for a better future.

Vultures share similarities to the bandits. The word 'ultimate' may be understood as the most defining moment in the narrator's life.

Instead of enjoying a safari, she suffers a safari -forced on her by circumstances.

The title rings a sad tone when read with the word 'ultimate'. Great uses of symbolism are present. Fight for survival
Fight for a brighter future
Fight to continue moving forward (not giving up) Main conflict:
Lost grandfather
Other conflicts:
Bandits destroyed village (destroyed society and community)
Bandits took all belongings
Lost mother
Father went to army and never came back Conflict resolution:
The clinic Point of view points Continuing On.. sa·fa·ri (s-fär)

n. pl. sa·fa·ris

1. An overland expedition, especially one for
hunting or exploring in eastern Africa.

2. A journey or trip The Ultimate Safari Safari
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