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All About Badminton

All about decreasing and increasing friction in badminton

Allana Canlas

on 11 August 2010

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Transcript of All About Badminton

All About Badminton Equipment to increase friction Grips Grips on the handle of the racquets. It helps the player to hold the racquet firmly Players most commonly use PU synthetic or towelling grips but it depends to personal preferences. There is a problem that players encounter and that is sweat. Some players put drying agents on the grips or on to their hands, sweatbands may be used also. Shoes Shoes have to be lightweight with rubber soles or similar high grip, non-marking materials and have a little lateral support. Players should wear proper badminton or lightweight shoes rather than running shoes or trainers Equipment to decrease friction Strings and racquets Strings increase friction when hitting the cork-like base of the shuttlecock but also racquets and strings both decrease as they go through the air and air is a fluid. Players prefer thinner strings but thicker strings are durable and racquets which are lightweight for excellent kinetic energy transfer THANK YOUUUU ^^, ^__^ Facts It was first played in the 17th century
In 1992, it became an olympic sport with 5 events; men's and women's doubles, men's and and women's singles and mixed doubles
In Japan, there is a game similar to Badminton, but without a net, called Hanetsuki. It is traditionally played by girls at the New year. A girl who fails to hit the shuttlecock gets marked on the face with India Ink.
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