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short stories - Horror genre

mini-scheme on Horror conventions and creative writing KS3

L Doone

on 1 August 2016

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Transcript of short stories - Horror genre

What gives you
the creeps?

SETTING means:
The place
and time where
a story is set.
In what sort of
might a Horror story be set?
At what
time of day
might a horror story be set?
In a film the
music, sound and images
create horror and
What could a writer do to
create these effects?
The "Red Death" had long devastated the country. No
had ever been so fatal, or so hideous. Blood was its Avatar and its seal--the redness and the horror of blood. There were sharp pains, and sudden dizziness, and then profuse bleeding at the pores, with
. The scarlet stains upon the body and especially upon the face of the victim, were the pest ban which shut him out from the aid and from the sympathy of his fellow-men. And the whole seizure, progress and
of the disease, were the incidents of half an hour
pestilence - disease

dissolution - liquidisation

termination - end/death
The Masque of the Red Death
But the Prince Prospero was happy and
and sagacious. When his dominions were half depopulated, he summoned to his presence a thousand friends from among the knights and dames of his court...
dauntless - brave/unafraid
What sort of characters
might you expect?

A setting OR
A character
or both!

Write a sentence
explaining how
each is suited to a horror
'There was a hand in the darkness, and it held a knife.'
The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaimon

Opening Lines
“On those cloudy days, Robert Neville was never sure when sunset came, and sometimes they were in the streets before he could get back.”
I Am Legend, Richard Matheson
“The seller of lightning rods arrived just ahead of the storm. He came along the street of Green Town, Illinois, in the late cloudy October day, sneaking glances over his shoulder. Somewhere not so far back, vast lightnings stomped the earth. Somewhere, a storm like a great beast with terrible teeth could not be denied.”
Something Wicked This Way Comes, Ray Bradbury
'The "Red Death" had long devastated the country. No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous. '
The Masque of the Red Death, Edgar Allen Poe
'The great fish moved silently through the night water, propelled by short sweeps of its crescent tail.'
Jaws, Peter Bachley
Write your own
creepy opening line
To identify
some of the conventions of Horror fiction
and judge what makes for a suitable
'Horror' character and setting
IL: To explore
how Horror writers create effects
and create your own opening line
in the same style.
Group text investigation
Can generate
ideas based on
what they find
Can include in their work some conventions that we have discussed.
Can show they have
thought about
what Horror is supposed to do and what will have the most impact in a horror story.
eg. make a reader wary/afraid
What I'm
Has engaged the reader
ie. got them interested in the story
Has tried to copy
the style/technique
of the lines we have looked at
AND...has chosen
Horror - it's pure
entertainment and nothing more
Horror stories can teach
us things...
Which side are you on?
IL: To evaluate whether a
message or warning might
be a convention of horror fiction.
IL: To discuss, and judge, whether
we can learn anything from
horror fiction.
The man
who couldn't
Listen, read, think.
Can we learn anything
from this short story?
briefly explain what you
might learn from ONE of the
stories today
and judge how effective horror
is at teaching/advising/giving warnings
Suggest another
lesson you could
teach through a Horror story

Trapped in Drew’s gaze, Emma opened the window.
” Drew,” she said, “what happened to your eyes?”
His answer was a smile full of razor sharp teeth; the last smile she would ever see.
What do we mean by 'effective'?
Over to you...

I expect a story to be...
Did the short
stories fail to
meet those
expectations because they were not longer?
is it easy to
write an effective short
horror story?
Six sentence scary story challenge...
What would be your progress markers for an effective short story - of any genre?
140 characters - that's letters and punctuation marks
IL: To develop an idea into a plan for a piece
of creative writing by sharing and evaluating your twitter tales

Todays' prompt is HEART
Begins in the middle
'in media res'
This means the
action has already
happened here?
We have to work out what happened
at the start. The action is already happening
when a short story begins.
Main Character
Beginning - Middle- End

Can plan the main
events of a
short horror story.
Can clearly include
conventions in their
eg. creepy character, spooky settings...
Can plan a story that
begins in-media-res
Classic Horror Characters
Young Victim/s
has to have a problem
title links to story
got to have a plot
should be some excitement
has to make sense
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