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crystal brooks

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of N

Thinking Routine #1
Need to Know
It is the most simple task to be able to say, "Yes I incorporated Web 2.0s in my lesson." But, how are we going to ensure that the Web 2.0 is effectively used. What evaluations have been put into place to validate the use of visible thinking as a means to increase academic achievement amongst students?
The concept of visible thinking allows conversations to spark amongst students that might not normally take place which may in turn spark accountable talk.
Using visible technology prepares students for the next era in life outside of their current educational experience.
Students engagement levels will increase and promote academic achievement when their thinking is visible and they are hands on in the process
The advancement of technology moves at such a pace that will leave many instructors behind which are not willing to conform to its demands and discourage a number of others.
Money is an overbearing issue as it applies to technology that many school districts face every year. Students might be deprived of such innovative advancements.
The misuse of technology in the classroom is an underlining issue as well. Students have to benefit academically from the incorporation of such every time it is used. After all, that's the purpose of doing so!
Although there may be pros and cons to the integration of electronic visible thinking/Web 2.0s, the overall creation and use of such is nothing less than remarkable. Students use technology in almost every other aspect of their life and it eases the process of that particular aspect. Using Web 2.0s will do the same for their educational experience if used correctly and yield positive results.
. Mims,Cliff (January 21, 2010). Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0: Tutorials and Resources for Teachers. http://clifmims.wikifoundry.com/page/Modules
Starr, Linda. (June 12, 2011). Integrating Technology in the Classroom: It Takes More Than Just Having Computers.http://www.educationworld.com/a_tech/tech/tech146.shtml
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