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Save the Children

No description

Adam Mohammed

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Save the Children

The world's leading independent organisation for children
To increase home readings by dads
Agency X
Phase I
Press conference
Timeline and Critical Path Analysis
Works in over 120 countries
Has a reach of over 143 million children
One of the main approaches of Save The Children is to educate children everywhere

Donors and supporters


Staff working in the institution

Members of governing councils

Government policies
Government term and change
Decrease in funding
Current Legislation
Environmental/ecological issues
International legislation
regulatory bodies and processes
Funding, grants and initiatives
Wars and conflict
Lobbying/ Pressure groups (Home and international)
Income level
Home economy situation
Home economy trends
overseas economy and trends
General taxation issues
seasonality/weather issues
Specific industry factors
customer/end-user drivers
Taxation specific to product/service
Interest and exchange rates
Aging population
Population growth
Lifestyle trends
Media views
Law changes affecting social factors
Brand, company, technology image
Major events and influences
Ethnic/religious factors
Advertising and publicity
Ethical issues
Competing technology development
Research funding
Associated/ dependent technologies
Replacement technology/ solutions
Information and communications
Technology legislation
Global communications
Intellectual property issues
Consumer buying mechanisms/ technology
For dads to have an increased awareness
Build upon the campaign "Read on. Get on"
To get all children to learn to read by 2025
Increase recognition
Charity Football with Arsenal
To encourage dads to get involved
To kick start the campaign
Letters sent to selected schools (intended audience)
Social media integration
Media list
Book collection
Phase II
Phase III
An incentive for giving books in will be to give them ice cream in return

Books are collected from different areas with incentives to do so.

Volunteers will be in a special uniforms, easily recognisable

The books collected will be for the next part of this phase

Collecting books at schools, local libraries, and charity shops

Safety -> security

A fun day for all!
Come and see if you will get the golden ticket!
New books!
A magical day where children can come with
their parents to swap books and read together!

Every child will get a random book, which they will all open together!

Each book will have a number, but only a few will be eligible for a golden ticket.
Children who received a golden ticket will participate in the treasure hunt.

They will be given set reading to read for the hunt which will take place 2 months after the book swap event.

Characters from the books will ask the children questions in order for them to proceed.

Grand prize: Disneyland Paris trip (courtesy of Disney)

Ice cream -> Lactose
Dad's engagement -> Target specific media ( Dave, Sky sports...)
Prologue: Kickstarter
16 Feb - 30 April
1 May - 31 June

1 July - 2 August
To get fathers' awareness of the campaign
To inform the public
Further awareness
Generate interest for the final event
Generate more
Inspire fathers and their children to read and engage with the campaign
Newspaper, social media, flyers
Television, stakeholders, social media, letters
Social media
Save the Children
Read On. Get On. : Book the Future
Phase 1
Fathers absence? -> Allow for guardian involvement
On the world book day
Secret location, revealed on the day
Press will be invited
Will be shown through a feed to different libraries where children are
21st February
25th March
15th June-
2nd August
No coverage -> One of our partners to help
Phase II
Book swap event
Treasure Hunt
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