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Internal Conflict in Sylvia Plath's Short Story Initiation

An overview of internal conflict and how it plays out in Millicent, the main character in Sylvia Plath's short story Initiation

Peter Sabath

on 14 January 2011

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Transcript of Internal Conflict in Sylvia Plath's Short Story Initiation

What is internal conflict? Definition Images Video struggles within a character: should I steal my little brother's last piece of Halloween candy or not?
Is there internal conflict in
Sylvia Plath's short story
Initiation? YES! Millicent Her Choice
Her Decision
A high school girl who
is struggling to find
her identity To remain independent and
free like a heather bird so she can
stay friends with Tracy or
join a sorority to become popular
but caged in and trapped
like a sparrow in a flock of other
sparrows that are identical Milicent decides
not to join the
sorority after the
humiliating five-day
initiation ceremony.
She would rather be a free bird,
not boxed in by the label and
new identity the sorority would give her.

She decides that she can find community
and connection to others in a more healthy,
holistic way. Examining Internal Conflict
in the World and
a Short Story
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