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Gaming in Education

A brief summary of INACOL webinar on gaming.

David Wilson

on 30 August 2009

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Transcript of Gaming in Education

Gaming in Education Presenters: Merrilea Mayo, Kauffman Foundation, mmayo@kauffman.org Robert Clegg, Million Student March Why? Reach millions
High Quality Pedagogy INACOL Webinar World of Warcraft - 14 MILLION GAMERS WORLD WIDE! genre Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) 2D 3D 1st Person Perspective Whyville: Science/Math Activities (4 Million Members) Educational Video Games Oregon Trail Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Sim City Reader Rabbit Math Blaster Research 7-40% better than traditional classroom Helps students that cannot be reached at typical High School environment, i.e., at risk Pedagogy 1. Doing: Active, experiential learning
2. Inquiry based learning - what happens when I do this?
3. Goal Setting - game goal.
4. Self Efficacy - Students feel good about themselves through successive approximations to a goal.
5. Continuous feedback.
6. Cooperation - MMO very powerful - 50% better than solo learning.
A new generation.... Average teen spends 5-8 hours a week gaming!
Personalized, interactive, immersive! 9 things stopping gaming/video game innovation in Education 1. Innovation isn't complete without implementation

2. Must please everyone!
(does everyone love every movie?)

3. Local vs. National Marketplace.

4. Same rules for text books?

5. Tech Support?

6. Dirty little secret: No formula for creativity.

7. Video game phobia
Example: Have you ever handed an adult an xbox controller?
-3d worlds intimidate.
- problems with mastery.
- Can we wait another 10-20 years? "Educational Warming!"

8. "PROFIT" - A dirty word in education.
- Profit = more of something.

9. What if it all worked? What if there were 20-40 great games?
- Teachers must master meta strategy - how do we learn/grade?
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