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Scholarship Workshop

Steps to finding, applying, and earning a college scholarship from a winner

Christina Teasley

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Scholarship Workshop

$cholarship Workshop Tips Thank you for attending & Good Luck!! QUESTIONS?? money awarded for educational expenses that does not have to be
paid back

Types of scholarships

How much are scholarship awards?

Can scholarships be renewed?

Who gets the money?

Can I use the $$$ for more than tuition? It depends on the scholarship
Read the Eligibility Requirements Think local first: newspaper, community organizations, churches, employer

Scholarship Books available in the Library
Scholarship Databases
-www.hsf.net (Hispanic Scholarship Fund)
-Sign up for scholarshipmentor.com
monthly e-newsletters What is a $cholarship? Who is eligible? Most scholarships have annual deadlines
Scholarships are available year-round
Many scholarship deadlines are in the Spring $cholarship Deadlines Where can scholarships be found? Treat scholarship searching like job searching
-Start TODAY
-Search often
-Search different resources
-Create a Scholarship Calendar to track
deadlines and progress
Ask for letters of recommendation & transcripts ahead of time Christina Teasley
NGTC Librarian &
Scholarship Winner Warning Don’t pay a scholarship service to find you a scholarship
No company can guarantee you a scholarship Anatomy of a Scholarship One more thing... Let me know when you earn a scholarship! Start (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Financial Aid Sort
www.northgatech.edu/library Warning! Application Essay Letters of Recommendation College Transcript all of the above +
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