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Casie Pedregon

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Technology Equipped Police Produced By: Jared Roberts, Juan Mendez, Kimberly Ambriz, Bernice Granillo, Casie Pedregon, Cesar Lopez History of Police Communications By: Cesar Lopez, Jared Roberts, Casie Pedregon, Kimberly Ambriz, Juan Mendez, & Bernice Granillo Importance of Communication Communication is an important role in law enforcement due to police officers encountering different types of races, ethnics, backgrounds, ages, diverse personalities, and deaf mute individuals. The First 911 Enhanced Technology In 1987, in the city of Coppell, they were the first agency to adopt enhanced 911 technology.
It provides them access to a callback number, address, drivers license, license plate, and the wanted persons data base. Types of Communication The two most common forms of communication; Verbal & written.
Verbal and written communication allows humanity to interact with each other using speech and writing utensils. Types of Communications (contd.) Nonverbal communication is the action of no speaking, writing, or any form of communication or interaction present.
Visual communication is the communication that allows the use of hand movement, sight, and location to come across the objective of the conversation. "Ten Code" Radio Telecommunications Mobile data terminals
Computer technology has been the most important type of communication in the law enforcement community.
The MDT is the laptop required in the police automobiles to track suspects, obtain information, and many other useful tasks needed to fulfill their police duties. Radio Telecommunications (contd.) GPS Tracking
Enables officers to locate objectives and allows dispatchers to be aware of the location of their officers. Cell Phones Alerts police about crimes, wanted persons and emergencies.
Receive alerts about local activity and investigations. Radio Telecommunications (contd.) Radios
Modern police forces use radio communications equipment, carried both on the person and installed in vehicles, to co-ordinate their work, share information, and get help quickly Radio Telecommunications (contd.) Vehicle-installed computers
Enhanced the ability of police communications, easier dispatching of calls, criminal background checks on persons of interest in a matter of seconds, and updates the officer's daily activities and other reports needed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gIBLh4W4GS8#t=34s
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