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irem bayraktar

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of nike


Marketing Research Presentation
Alp Cingi
Ahmet Aksakal
Irem Bayraktar
Yigit Eyuboglu

NIKE: Associating Athletes, Performance, and The Brand
-%30 of the total market share worldwide

-New target;

Having more share
Management Decision Problem;

''What should Nike do to increase its share of the athletic shoe market?'

The Marketing Research Problem;

To determine consumer preferences for athletic shoes
For strengthen Nike's image with qualitative research.
- Focusing groups would be very helpful
-Interviews with famous athletes for express their feelings while wearing a pair of special athletic Nike shoes.
Usain Bolt
Asafa Powell

Selection of an athletic shoes'

The brands place in the market
The criteria of the customers
Purchase of Athletic Shoes
Name Brand
Private Label/ Store Brand
Choice Criteria
Other Factors
Selection of a Brand/Model
As a graphical model:
Kinds of marketing researches;

-Clarifying the importance between brand and the performance

-Finding the new attractive ways for reach much more customers

-Understanding the way of the consumer's choice criteria regarding their importance

-Observing the demographic and psycho graphic backgrounds of the major customers.

Increased their shares
The revenue increased to 8k dollars to 16.3 billion dollars
Added many special brand to them
Started to work with many professional athletes
Cansu Gun
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