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Public Participation: How Milwaukee County Government Engages the Public

How governments can take advantage of online resources to expand public engagement.

Andre Simms

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Public Participation: How Milwaukee County Government Engages the Public

Public Engagement
Transparency Leveraging
Communication Tools
and Technology
Public Engagement CLIC

Radio Show Leveraging
Communication Tools
& Technology
Having a conversation with the public -- online and in real life Public Engagement Allowing for public oversight Transparency Radio and
Podcasting CLIC Held or participated in at least one town hall meeting in my district per month

Member of numerous community and park watch groups

Adds layer to relationships with constituents in my district Regular Town Hall Meetings Chat with the Chair Milwaukee County Chairwoman
Marina Dimitrijevic Public Participation: Engaging the Public What they are
Why they matter
What we do
Supervisors Reputation Management Open House

Branding Branding Open House How we communicate who we are Provides a cornerstone from which all communications can flow
Provides a connection with our constituents What Provides an association to cut through the communications clutter Why Value? Social Media:
Facebook & Twitter Engagement level
Viral activity
User endorsement
Nearly immediate reach County Board radio show in partnership with local radio station WISN-AM http://county.milwaukee.gov/InsidetheCountyBoard Investing in producing our own podcast in-house about County issues Podcasts Advantages of in-house production: Self-publishing affords control of message
"Free" after initial equipment investment
Ease of distribution through websites and iTunes Board launched County Legislative Information Center, or CLIC, June 2011 Allows posting of meeting minutes, agendas and addenda in easy-to-navigate, online interface Legistar Phase 1 Legistar software powers CLIC Legistar Phase 2 Allows us to record and stream video of committee meetings

Installed screens to display presentations and relevant information to committees Legislative workflow software

Improves tracking of all legislation

Reduces our dependency on paper E-Newsletter
and E-Blasts Monthly e-newsletter

Primary audience: residents of my district

Content: Legislative updates, events & happenings in the County and district

Growth: Sign-up sheet at all district and County events, add e-mail addresses to database Thank You! Questions
& Answers Upon election, launched initiative to have public meeting in each municipality in the County

"Chats with the Chair" serve as a forum for citizens throughout the County to engage me directly in their community Increased transparency
More venues for contact
Engagement in a friendly forum
More opportunities for ideas, exchange Controlling the message Cost-effectiveness
Resource management
Budget management Why They Matter Annual

Representatives from departments throughout Milwaukee County

Guided tours of Courthouse and Board Chambers

Highlights services Milwaukee County provides Measurement Social Media E-news Town Hall Meetings Chat with the Chair http://milwaukeecounty.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx Secondary:
The Caregiver The Milwaukee County
Board of Supervisors Brand Archetypes Primary:
The Hero https://www.facebook.com/ChairwomanMarinaDimitrijevic?ref=hl https://twitter.com/BoardChairwoman
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