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Safety Tips for Teens

This presentation is to help teens make a good choice on the interent, or computer.

Samantha Bacon

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Safety Tips for Teens

What's the right thing to do? "I just posted that on his wall -where everyone can see it, can i delete it somehow?" Do you give out your personal information? Is someone harrasing you online? Are you being safe? The Answers The answer is, don't do any of this stuff. Be safe with everything you do. There are many people just waiting to mess with young teens, and though you may think they are being nice, there not. If talk starts up about you, ignore it. People are just trying to get to you. Normally your gut instinct is the right and safe thing to do, so FOLLOW that, it will help you out a lot. TIPS Don't talk to people you don't know, things can happen that you don't want to have happen. If you are feeling unsure about yourself, talk to a friend, or someone you can trust. They can help you get on the right track or help you out. Counselours are also great listeners if you need to talk. They may not be someone you think is the right person to talk to, but sometimes it's the choice right in front of you. When someone ask's you to do something you dont want to do, say no even if if your uneasy on the topic. Making the better choice will always help you out in the end. If your unsure about something say no also, unitl you are for sure. Being a good friend When with a friend, make sure you stay together, even if you are comfortable with the environment and are sure nothing will happen. If drunk, make sure they get home safely. When an arguement starts up, dont get involved. If fighting starts up get someone to help break it up. If you see that a friend that has been upset lately and they ask to talk, make sure you listen. All they want is some help and someone there. Many teens don't get that help or advice they need, and it sometimes results in a negative way. Giving advice can sometimes be hard, but all you got to do is make sure you are there for this person and you listen to everything they have to say. Tell them that you are there no matter what. That everything will be okay and turn out right. "Sometimes people go through there rough times to get to there good times". Sometimes follwoing someone else can get you in a lot of trouble. If your not okay with something dont do it. Say no and walk away from it. Remember, you have a choice, but that choice is up to you.
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