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Hiring Hacks

Learn to Weed Out Unqualified Candidates

James Kellas

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Hiring Hacks

Weeding Out Unqualified Candidates Hiring Hacks details are your friend! When it comes to creating a good job description... and help weed out unqualified ones details impress good candidates Expect to be wow'ed! employees should be assets... not liabilities ego-maniacs need not apply... Candidate Homework Assignment helps to identify efficiency, listening skills, thinks of cases outside of specifications you need to quantify the work done! Create a grading system Dig for deep knowledge without taking too much time Phone Screens Are Your Friend! not a simple skill to learn... look for a team fit candidate should be clear and understandable YMMV... In-House Interview save your team's and the candidate's time Feel Free to Cut It Short follow DRY to get as much out of the interview as possible! Assign Interview Questions Buying a SuperBowl Ad My Favorite Interview Question Clear Goal from Interview Questions overall knowledge regardless of expertise think outside the box soft skills Any Questions?
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