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V.I.P (My Love For BIGBANG)

This is a prezi dedicated to two things; 1) BIGBANG because I think they are amazing and 2) Arismar for showing me them. It was love at first internet picture.

Kiana Youngbae

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of V.I.P (My Love For BIGBANG)

V.I.P My Love For BIGBANG Wow, where should I begin? Should I start with their boyish charm? Their angelic voices? Their unique sense of style Their iconic dance moves? Videos Live Performaces Song Lyrics The first video that I saw BIGBANG in was La La La. From then on I was hooked . From Tell Me Goodbye and Lies to Haru Haru and Gara Gara Go; BIGBANG music videos have good choreograpy and fantastic story line. Solo They each have branch out to persue other goals but still manger to come together and create great music. Either working in duos trios or alone they make music that is incredible. Lies Haru Haru Tell Me Goodbye La La La Love Song Gara Gara Go V.I. Strong Baby G Dragon I Can't Breathe T.O.P. Turn It Up Taeyang My Girl So Beautiful Number 1 B.I.G.B.A.N.G. These are a couple of their songs. Some have music videos and others don't. I chose these because they are all in english and I love the lyrics. I love whenever BIGBANG perform live. I would almost anything to see them in concert. I chose these performance because they sound beautiful live, dance extremely well and have a lot of sexaple With U Always Taeyang's Hot Tour
Prayer/My Girl G Dragon's Shine A lIght Tour
I Can't Breathe Daesung on MCD
Baby Don't Cry BIGBANG
Number 1 Pictures Here are just so random picture of them Daesung Taeyang TOP GD VI Or their sexy bodies Puppy
Love Both G Dragon and Taeyang have dogs. here are some pictures and videos of them showing their puppies love and affection Gaho (G Dragon's Dog) Boss (Taeyang's Dog)
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