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Unit 12 Current Issues - Technology

Technology in Sport

Graham Withers

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Unit 12 Current Issues - Technology

Technology in Sport
Personal Equipment
look around the room at the sports clothing being worn, what properties do they have?
This lesson is also available on moodle
LO 2 - Know how media and technology influence modern Sport
Learning Outcome 2 -
Know how media and
technology influence
modern sport
Objectives of this session
To be able to identify different forms of technology in sport.
To examine the use of technology in sport.
To describe how and why these technologies have progressed over time
how does technology present its self in sport?
Personal equipment
Training equipment
(look at the labels if you are struggling)
Did we find words like:
Thermally efficient
(what does that mean?)
High Visibilty
LO 2 - Know how media and technology influence modern sport
How many different forms of sporting footwear can you think of?
Football/Rugby boots
Running Spikes
Basketball shoes
Golf shoes
Cricket trainers
Indoor court
Walking boots
What are the differences between all of the above?
LO 2 - Know how media and technology influence modern sport
Player Protect
Look at the pictures what equipment is there purely to protect?
What do you think are the major changes?
Why have they happen?
For all sports there is specific equipment that you must have to play.

Think of as many different sports and examples of equipment you would need to play them?
Word Association
Golf =
Tennis =
Ice Hockey =
Group task time
Training equipment
LO 2 - Know how media and technology influence modern Sport
These video's highlight some training developments
(be it very tongue in cheek)
What other
developments can you
think of when it comes
to training equipment?
Eight 3-D spherically formed EVA and TPU panels
'to celebrate'
18 panel ball
12 panel ball
32 panel ball
Pre 1800's
a pigs bladder was inflated
Fa cup final ball
5 Panel ball
Golf Clubs
The earliest reference to Golf clubs is 1502 when James IV ordered as set made by a bow maker in Scotland.
What do you think they were made of?
Used by broadcasters at major Test,
ODI and Twenty20matches around the world since 2001.
It is now used worldwide to assist in one of the hardest officiating decisions LBW!!
Have you heard of Hawkeye?
What is your understanding of how it works?
LO 2 - Know how media and technology influence modern Sport
LO 2 - Know how media and technology influence modern Sport
LO 2 - Know how media and technology influence modern Sport
Extension Activities
All of the above show a piece of equipment which has been banned from its sport.
What are your thoughts on this ? Why do you feel the ban was in place? Do you feel this was right?
Digitalisation has made camera technology move on massively.
Slow mo
Super slow
Frame by frame
Sky plus+
When we spoke about the media can
you remember how many camera are
now at a top flight football match?
There are now lots of different
camera's for different sporting events?
can you think of any?
Following on from Hawkeye there are many different companies offering tools to analyse games, training, fitness and physiological tests
Match/ Training Analysis
Are one such company specialising in football analysis is Prozone
What sort of stats do we find in a game of football?
Drug testing procedures have been improved
More testing is done without the need for a science laboratory
Hyperbaric chambers -
Physiological Benefits to athletes through technology
They are now portable
Increase performers oxygen uptake (HBOT)
Data can be transferred straight from handheld devices to the internet for analysis
What do you commonly know them as?
All of this means what?
No need for a Lab!
Who is this?
Fitness and Physiology
Improvements in technology means:
By Graham Withers
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