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By: Colin

Ms. Fernandes

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Wolves

Once you finish watching this project even you can become a wolf expert!
Interesting Facts
Some interesting facts about wolves are
Paws can be as big as a man’s hand.
Wolves live and hunt in groups called a
A pack can range from 2 wolves to as many as 20 wolves depending on such factors as habitat and food supply. Most packs have one breeding pair of wolves, called the
alpha pair
, who lead the hunt.
A wolves relative is a domestic dog
A wolf has 2 layers of fur
A Wolf pup is born deaf,blind and weighs 0.5 kg.
Arctic wolves travel longer distances than forest wolves to get food so sometimes they don't eat for days
Wolves fur colour change in the summer to camouflage to their surroundings.

Food Chain
Wolves have razor-sharp eyes to spot their prey from 1.5 miles away.
They have excellent smelling to smell their prey 10 miles away.
Wolves have sharp ears to hear their prey from 6 miles away in the open.
Wolves also have strong teeth/jaws to carry food long distances.
Wolves have gigantic paws which are almost 13cm long and 10cm wide.
Wolves can run up to 22 miles without stopping on a full speed sprint.
Wolves are mostly found in cold regions like Greenland, Alaska and northern Canada where there are less people.When they live in cold regions they don't make borrows because of permafrost, they live in the overhang of mountains and in between rocks.Wolves have adapted to anywhere in the world however, they prefer where there are bushes and trees.
The food chain of a wolf is: Sun,Grass,Caribou, Wolf,Decomposers
Why are they endangered?
Mating season for wolves are January-April.When 2 years old,wolves start to mate. The ALPHA PAIR will move out temporarily which means the pack has to do everything themselves.Only the Alpha pair can breed.One wolf can lay 2-6 cubs.
How wolves protect their young.
life cycle
Protecting Territory
When fighting, the wolves stand on 2 legs and push or shove their face and hit the opponents body.The wolves make them look tough by stretching their teeth as wide as possible to show how sharp their teeth are.Sometimes they might lean a little back. A short footage to show how they do it.
Hope you had an awoooosome time!
2 month old pup
Once 2 months old they can follow the hunt.
8 months old wolf
Full grown
Once 2 years old they are full grown and they can mate to have pups.
Once 8 months they are big enough to join the hunt.
Wolves are severely endangered because in some countries wolf hunting is a sport. People also cut down the trees and wolves have no where to live.People have also been killing the wolves for fur to make jackets and sweaters.
At night the 2 strongest wolves known as the ALPHA PAIR will go on to high cliff from their territory and howl if another pack is sneak attacking, stealing cubs or anything else.Mainly wolves hunt throughout the day but if there is an emergency like another pack stealing food they will stay back to protect and then continue hunting in the day. They hunt in the day because it is harder to see their prey.
When the cubs are born the whole pack takes part by teaching them skills like hunting, howling etc. wolves protect their cubs with their lives but wolves are scared of humans so if a human tries to steal a cub it is possible to get out without even a scratch.
Whats on the menu?
Earthworm s
To avoid too much energy loss wolves hunt the weakest member of the herd like the youngest or oldest member.
How are wolves different from Domestic dogs?
Wolves eat every5-6 hours
Domestic dogs:
It's time we stop
Hunt for food
Eat food that owners give
Don't like humans
Love humans
Way stronge
An average of 2-6 pups born
15+ wolf

If some wolves are lucky to survive this long they eventually just die or get shot by a hunter.A wolf can grow up to 100+ pounds
wolves eat very quickly to protect their food from being stolen
Diagram of a wolf.
I know I did
Structural Adaptations
Not as strong
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