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No description

Camry Cornett

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of SuperNanny

Applied Behavior Analysis
The Porter Family The McMillian Family
Behavioral Techniques
Don't Wait for Confrontation
Reflection Room
Stern and Persistant
Rewards & Praise
Behavior Techniques
Pie Chart/Tickets
Naughty Spot
The McMillion Family
The wife of a National Guardsman stationed in Afghanistan seeks assistance from Jo in dealing with her three aggressive sons.
Porter Family
In the Supernanny episode The Porter Family expert nanny Jo Frost meets Maddy Porter, who throws tantrums like a two year old if she doesn't get her own way. Maddy isn't two, however, she's nine. Jo has over twenty years' experience of childcare, as she gently but firmly reinforces adult authority and helps children change their behavior.
There was definitely a HUGE change in plans for the Porter family... but...
My Opinion of the Behavioral Plan
Thumbs Up!
Mom started getting excited and forgetful.
By: Camry Cornett
Words of advice: "When you're going throught the eye of the storm you can do one of two things. You can give up, or you can perservire and carry on."
My Opinion of the Behavioral Plan
Smaller rewards that lead up to larger rewards
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