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Resume Building

No description

Sarah Francois

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Resume Building

Resume Building
What is a Resume?
A document used by persons to present their background and skills. Resumes can be used for a variety of reasons, but most often they are used to secure new employment.
Why are Resumes Important?
1. So the employer knows who you are
2. Need to secure a job
3. Sell yourself on paper
4. Outlines your experience and credentials
How to Build a Resume...
Many different outlines and styles of resumes

Can change to best suit your employers needs

Basic, less is more!
Summary of Skills/Qualifications
Summary of Work Experience
We'll come back to these ->
The resume we'll be focusing on will be a
This will focus on your skills, education, as well as your volunteer/work experience.

Needs to tell employers exactly what you are looking for. What job do you want?
Summary of Qualifications and Skills
Skills you have gained through work and volunteer experience.
BE CAREFUL! Do not just say "hardworking and responsible" -> HOW are you those things? WHAT have you done to show you are hardworking or responsible?
Work/Volunteer Experience
Summarize your work experience and what you did at each job.

What if you've never had a job?
PS. Remember chronological order.
Only high school or higher should be on the resume.
References can be listed at the end of a resume.
References should include the name and contact information.
Make sure to ask permission before using a reference.
Can also put : References are available upon request.
Tips for Job Hunting
Research job openings (e.g., job fairs)
Do NOT go with friends!
Ask to speak to a manager
Be polite and professional
Be outgoing!
Nothing handwritten on resume
Resume free of errors (Proof Read)
Preparing for Interviews
Pair up with someone; will be more beneficial if you do not know this person too well.
One person will be the interviewer and the other the interviewee.
Practice the skills you would need in an interview

Sample questions:
What would you say your best qualities/skills are?
What is something you could improve on?
Why do you want to be an employee at this ________?
Describe your work style?
How do you perform on a team?
Describe a difficult work situation and how you overcame it?
What can you bring/offer to this company?

When asked if you have any questions, always ask a question; you are interviewing this employer also to see if this job is right for you!
Quick Facts
An average job posting has 100 resumes submitted.
A good job posting can have upwards of 1000 resumes.
On average only 6 people get interviews

Think About It!
Creating a resume and looking for a job is a lot of work. You want to make sure you put in the time and effort into preparing your resume to show that you are the best possible candidate for the job. Always keep updating and revising it to fit your specific job needs. When job hunting, ensure you keep an open mind as it can be very frustrating. If you need help, ASK! There are services out there that can help you look for jobs and perfect your resume. Good luck!! :)
Contact Information
- Put your full legal name.
-No nicknames
-Include your current address
and remember to update it if
you move.
- Make a separate email for job searching
- Don't forget to check it regularly.
Objective Tip!
Look at the job posting and use words that relate to the job.

Make it look like you are made perfectly for this one exact job.
E-Mail Do's and Dont's
1. Johnsmith@hotmail.com
2. Catloverz99@hotmail.com
3. burgerking4lyfe@hotmail.com
4. AJmcdonaldslover@hotmail.com
5. Sallyanne96@hotmail.com
6. Johndoe1@hotmail.com
7. Pizzapizzapizza@hotmail.com
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