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No description

Mary Hernandez

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Woodsong

Book By :Gary Paulsen
Rising action
Gary Paulsen lived in the woods with his wife and son.
There is no electricity for miles and miles away.
Paulsen's wife, young son, friends, and acquaintances(close friends) are mentioned in this autobiography. However, other than Paulsen, there are no human characters; the major characters in Woodsong are animals. Some are the sled dogs and the other domesticated animals that live around Paulsen's home.
Setting takes place in the woods of Alaska!

This story focuses on Paulsen's explanation of the deepest difference between humans and animals - the use of controlled fire. This makes it the rising action because it focuses on one thing.
Gary Paulsen sees something that changes his point of view about the woods , his way of life,and thinking(he sees some what he thinks are innocent wolves chasing a deer).

Falling Action
By: Mary,Yasmin,Kate
Once Gary Paulsen takes a job as a small business trapper he begins to travel more with his dogs and he starts to realize more and more that he knows nothing about the woods.
For Example: When Gary Paulsen and his dogs were on there way home from camping his dog storm had
coming out of his
.This is because he hadn't realized that the type of food he was feeding his dogs was bad for them.
In this part of elements of plot the author Gary Paulsen he gives up trapping because he realizes he is no more or no less important than any animal in the world.
At the end of the story you realizes that these dogs that Gary Paulsen has are changing his life because it gives some information that he looked up about the dogs.
For example: . Paulsen had seen many animals escape death, but not... die and get caught,(taken from chapter 1).This just goes to show,that just like he said he was stuck in Disney with all this fantasy stuff until he was
, except now he's changing.
(This video is an overview of Woodsong).
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