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No description

Jordan Riggs

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of In-School/

Our Three Goals:

1. Let the team be known: newspaper, announcements, and our bulletin board.

2. Create team t-shirt

3. Decorate showcase

We want to make sure everyone knows about our team, and how awesome we are going to be doing throughout the season...
What exactly do we want to achieve in our committee?
Our goal is to make sure that our school, and town are updated with days of our tournaments, the results from those tournaments, and just the overall news about our team!

How do we achieve these goals, and how did we?
Other Great Ideas:
We would like to purchase team shirts, as something fun for the team so we all have something to match. So, at our next team meeting we need to vote!
By: Jordan Riggs
Haley Elliott
Alexis Medearis
Mikayla Rigda

So, before our tournaments we want to have it in the announcements, and have a team picture with results in the paper!
We would also like a group picture, so we can have it above a calender with all of our dates coming up to put on the bulletin board
The light stained the paper...
1. We will give the yearbook class results from our tournaments, and contact the newspaper.

2. At our next meeting we will vote on a color for our team shirts, and talk about prices.

3. We totally redid the showcase in front of the library! We took out all the nasty paper, cleaned the trophies, and redid everything so now its fresh, clean, and nice to look at (:
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