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Theme and Symbolism

No description

Catarina Borges

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Theme and Symbolism

Theme and Symbolism
Catarina Borges, Jessica Ruvalcaba, Lisette Morales & Amari Barfield

Characters Connecting with Theme
Mr. Keating- Introduces carpe diem to the group.
Neil- Main supporter of carpe diem. Uses carpe diem correct way.
Charlie (Nawanda)- Takes carpe diem and uses it as an excuse to rebel and cause havoc
Todd- Dose not use carpe diem until end of movie in the "O, Captain, My Captain" Scene.
Knox- Uses carpe diem for encouragement to "get" the girl.
Theme in Exposition
Plot: Carpe diem is introduced to the group by Mr. Keating in his frst lesson. He tells them they need to learn how to seize the day.

Carpe diem affects the expostion by showing the boys that it is okay to make mistakes and learn thing on there own.
Theme in Rising Actions
Plot: The boys have started the "new" Dead Poets Society. The boys are starting to seize the day and learn how to live.

Carpe diem affects the boys in the rising actions. the boys begin to rebel against the school, take risk, and "carry" their own state of mind.
Theme In The Falling Action
Carpe Deim is lost. Most of the boys in Dead Poet Society lose faith in carpe deim when Neil dies. Here you see how important Neil is to the theme of carpe diem.
Theme In The Resolution
Carpe Diem is reborn. the boys stand on the desks out of respect saying o captain my captain seizing the day by having control of there inner/outer selves. which is exactly the meaning of carpe deim.
Carpe Diem
Carpe diem- seize the day
To put aside all differences, all fears, all worries, and just go for it.
To make the most out of that part of time
Carpe diem is Latin
Work Cited
Theme In The Climax
Plot: Neil kills himself because of his father not letting him "live". His father ot letting him do the play is a small example of this.
Neil contradicts carpe deim by killing himself. He seizes the day by ending his life.
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Important symbols:
black birds this symbolized freedom they spread there wings and were free
The four pillars: symbolized the the walls of prison which Welton was built on.
vomit in the snow: loss of purity.
Th cave: Sacredness, everything done or said in the cave was safe and respected.
Single Candle Burning at the beginning of the movie: the light of knowledge
The Candle ceremony at the opening convocation: The passing of knowledge
Owl: Wisdom and knowledge
Standing on desk: looking at life from a different p.o.v
“Radio Free America”: Represents the freedom and independence
Snow: Represents innocence and purity
Crown of Thorns: represents Neil’s life. Has a biblical reference; Jesus sacrificed his life for what he believed in.
Open Window: symbolizes the opportunities in Neil’s life.
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