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Boston Proper Loyalty Program

No description

TJ Novella

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Boston Proper Loyalty Program

"Style her like no one else"
"Reward her like no one else"
Signing Up: $0 -$499
Refer a Friend:
Diamond Member
$3,500+ (Target)
- Trunk Show with Private Party
- Meet & Greet with Ernie
- All orders include Free 2-Day Shipping
Thank You!!
Team # 3
TJ Novella
Lee MacPeek
Leigh Miller
Thomas Langa
Bill Haller
Internal Audit
Real Estate Legal
Business Processes
Human Resources
Technology Finance &
"There is a big difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer."
~ Shep Hyken
Birthday Coupon
Welcome Card
Boston Proper E-mail
- You AND Your friend receive $10 credit towards next tier (Max. 5 referrals)
Justin Tidmarsh

Director Customer Loyalty
Bill Bine
Margaret Moraskie
Lisa Gordon
Debbie Soles
Bobbi Jo Behun
Adrian Miramontes
Senior Vice President Marketing
Boston Proper
Director Brand Finance & Strategy
Boston Proper
Senior Director CRM
Director e-Commerce
Boston Proper
Director Circulation
Boston Proper
Senior Director Supply Chain
& Business Process
IT Staff Auditor
Carolina Espejo
The top tier is comprised of the top 1%.

The middle tier is comprised of the top 4-5%.

The bottom tier is comprised of the top 12% of customers.

Our goal is to increase the number of times the customer shops with Boston Proper.
Based on Sales
- Increases customer loyalty.
- Increases customer return business.
- Increases sales.
- Creates better rapport between
customer and brand.
- Offers less desirable rewards.
- A complicated tracking system.
- Return on Investment (ROI)
- Differentiating tiered customers.
- Increase Omni-channel sales.
- Be the best loyalty program out there.
- Increase customer loyalty to the
- Further differentiate the brand.
- Grow the amount of customer
relations data.
- Existing customers might not join the loyalty program.
- Customers belong to many loyalty programs, but are only active in a few.
- The company is growing, which could lead to increases in costs of the loyalty program.
- Loyalty Program customers
spend more than regular
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