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Architecture Presentation

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suran kethees

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Architecture Presentation

Architectural Styles Presentation: Suran Ketheeswaran TDA3M1- 01 Ranch Architecture Location / Background Information Ranch Architecture is a style popularized in the American Southwest (i.e. Arizona, Texas and California)

These states are favored for their year-long warm climates and a majority of families migrating West during the 50's when this style was in demand. Defining Features of Ranch Styled Architecture: Principles of Ranch Architecture: "A Ranch-styled home was ideally built, constructed and designed to suit the lives of the typical, working class American family" Single floor Plans: Living in Ranch Homes means the majority of living occurs on a single floor.

A typical Ranch home will have 1 floor but taller homes can have up to 2 floors with the majority of their living on the second floor while the first floor is used for crawl space and the garages. 1 kitchen
1 dining room
1 living room (great room)
2-3 bedrooms
1-2 washrooms Large Paladian /Floor-to-Ceiling Windows: Many Ranch homes have very large windows either at the front or lining the back of the home to maximize natural lighting.

This additional light makes a normally smaller style of home seem a lot larger than it really is. Gable Roofing: Ranch Home Plan My Ranch Home Plans: Floor 1 Floor 2 Front View Rear View Gable roofs are a a style of roofing used heavily in Ranch architecture. This style of roofing offers was designed to help water runoff and prevent water damage.

However these overhanging gable roofs give homes an additional half story of room while keeping the home structurally stable. Ranch homes with gable roofs typically have unique asymmetrical appearance as well.

Gable roofs are effective, inexpensive and has become one of the most common roof designs in the United States. Space/ Space Efficiency Texas California Nevada Utah Arizona New Mexico Affordable
Accessible Remove unnecessary walls
Include larger windows
Incorporate natural lighting 1 Floor = * To this day over 80% of Ranch Architecture is still for residential use and is one of the most popular home styles in all of the United States * Thank You Unity/ Organization Rooms are strategically placed based on function and distance.
entire home flows and has unity because the open concept allows residents to freely transition from one area of the home to another. The organization of the plan allows rooms which may generally carry odors to be completely separate from living and bedrooms. Shows the accessibility and unity of the home plan to be able to go from one spot in the floor to another within a matter of seconds. Organization: Unity:
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