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Logical Fallacies

No description

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies
A deceptive, misleading, or false notion, belief
Target audience: Television consumers
Fallacy: Slippery slope; chain of occurrences that lead to an undesirable event. Correlation implies causation;events that occur together, claimed to have a cause-and-effect relationship. Ad hominem; attacking the opposing television companies-slow cable.
Message: Switch television carriers to DirecTV or else a terrible chain of events are likely to occur.
The message is meant to persuade the audience by appealing to a comical and unrealistic perspective.
The overall message is to persuade the audience to switch television carriers over to DicrecTV.
This message shows how dependent people can be on TV.
Get Rid of Cable
Capital One
Venture Card
Target audience: Credit card consumers who often travel by air.
Fallacy: Bare assertion; because Alec Baldwin says so. Appeal to Authority; Alec Baldwin.
Message: The Capital One Venture Card is the most logical credit card for consumers that frequently travel to earn travel awards/points.
This message is meant to persuade the audience by using an actor, Alec Baldwin, to advertise the credit card.
The overall message is to use the Capital One Venture Card versus any other credit card, otherwise rewards/points will not be as easily attainable.
This message says that well if Alec Baldwin uses that card, it would be cool if I did too.
Rimmel London
ScandalEyes Mascara
Target audience: Young women seeking fuller, scandalous lashes
Fallacy: Hasty generalization; all women wear mascara
Message: The Rimmel mascara will make eyelashes look "scandalous".
The message is meant to persuade the audience by using an attractive model as an attention getter, to convince beauty consumers to purchase this specific mascara.
The overall message is to purchase the Rimmel mascara versus any other mascara for the most dramatic look.
This message says that in order for women to feel good about themselves they need to, "Get the London look" to be considered attractive.
Jack Links: Hangry Moments
Target audience: young, students, beef jerky consumers
Fallacy: Red Herring; suggesting that the jerky will, "feed your wild side" while throwing in a puma for a comical aspect, which distracts from the main message-buy jerky.
Message: In order to sufficiently satisfy hunger cravings, Jack Links jerky is the best protein-packed option for nourishment.
This message is meant to persuade the audience by being extremely relatable to people who like jerky and people that are in school and experience hunger.
The overall message is that the best snacking option is Jack Links jerky.
This message says that people are easily lured into purchasing the snack because teenagers need more nourishment in order to do better in school to maintain focus.
Logical Fallacies
Capital One
Venture Card
Hangry Moments
Jack Links Beef Jerky
Rimmel London
ScandalEyes Mascara
Dove Anti-Frizz Cream
Target Audience: Younger women who read magazines, women looking for hair products, women who watch the Simpsons
False Analogy-The anti-frizz cream worked for Marge Simpson. Other women have frizzy hair just like Marge. This means the product will work for them too.
Reductionism-After Marge used the product, her hair was perfect.
Message: If this product can work for Marge Simpson, it can work for any frizzy hair.
The message is meant to persuade the audience by entertaining them with a popular character on TV.
The overall message is that this product can smooth unmanageable hair as instantly in real life as it does for Marge.
The message implies that the audience is looking for easy, instantaneous results that are almost unrealistic
Target Audience: Adults who read magazines
Logical Fallacy:
Slippery Slope-If you don't use hand sanitizer, you will be in constant threat of germs and probably catch something.
Message: People can unknowingly catch germs from just about anywhere.
The message is meant to persuade the audience by demonstrating how threatening to our health our everyday lives can be.
The overall message is there are germs everywhere that we can't see, and Dettol hand sanitizer can protect against them.
The message implies most adults are not aware of their surroundings, especially when it comes to potential dangers.
Target Audience: Smokers trying to quit, friends and family of smokers
Logical Fallacy:
Hasty Generalization-All smokers will die early and all non-smokers will live long, healthy lives.
Playing on Emotions-If your friend or family smokes, they will probably die soon.
Message: Non-smokers will live longer than smokers
This message persuades the audience by playing on their emotions and suggesting that all smokers are putting themselves in danger.
The overall message is that people who smoke unnecessarily harm their health, which can lead to premature death.
This message implies that the audience may not realize or care about how serious the consequences of smoking are.
Dettol Hand Sanitizer
TBWA/Athens advertisement
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