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Studio Ghibli

No description

Shina Perez

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Studio Ghibli

Companies Page
The Studio Ghibli is one of my most respected animation flim studios. Why that is because growing up as a little girl I was obsessed with the film "My neighbor Totoro." I'd watch that film day after day to the point I would even reenact the scenes. As years went by I found out that same company who produced that movie had various movie titles. I began watching them one by one and fell deeply in love with how the characters were portrayed along with how the storyline had some kind of enchantment feel to it. No matter the situation, sadness, disappointments, and happiness; the movie's storyline would drown you in with a river full of emotions that connected you with the characters. This company was my top choice for this assignment because I wanted to express the joy these films possessed.

Hayao Miyazaki

Work Accomplished over the years and miss use of the studios name
Studio Ghibli
By: Shina Perez

Author is Identified accordingly from how he started and all the achievements he has earned over the years of creating stories. He was the creator of many films,cofounder and director of the Studio Ghibli.
Studio Ghibli
Information based on who the author worked with creating the films and the explanation on how the studio got its name. Along with what films won awards. I don't find this credible because I found this article based on a fan made wiki of ghibli studio, therefore this information maybe changed over sometime.
Url- www.ghibliworld.com
This article represents information based on how far the studio has gone over the years, along with some award wining films, which I seen myself and have grown to love. Many films have gone world-wide and employees are pretty much working just as hard as Disney employee's are. This was a fan made article so information may not be credible,due to the fact it may also need more information added to it.
Information was provided by http://wow.imdb.com/name/nm0594503/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm
Which I find credible because it provided a biography on the creator/ director.
Images Url
url: http://www.studioghibli.com.au
Search tools used:
LexisNexis, This helped me out alot on finding lots of sites that showed me the things I needed.
Ecobcs, wasn't very useful for me during my search for information.
Google Search
Co-Creator of Studio Ghibli
This information is credible, it was provided by an interviewer by the name Matt Kamen, who asked questions to the creator himself and provided the information on the questions being asked and being anwsered. Isao Takahata was a director for the Studio Ghilbi but has now retired after presenting his lasted movie "The Tales of the Bamboo princess"
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