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Hudson River PSA

A video about the hudson river.

Joshua P

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Hudson River PSA

The Hudson River Created by Joshua Piecyk Secret message:
Boodly This is the Hudson river in 1609. Henry Hudson was sponsored by the Dutch East India Company to find a trade route to Asia that didn't exist. They gave him a ship called the Half Moon. On this voyage he was unsuccessful, but he ended up finding the Hudson River. Hudson had two unsuccessful voyages with the English, so this would be his third voyage. There were many oysters
in the river, and beavers
near it. Now the Hudson river was happy. But then General Electric came along. And the Hudson River's world was turned upside down. This is a fish from the Hudson River. General Electric is releasing their excess
waste in the river, and their waste is a deadly
chemical called PCBs.
PCBs are a deadly
chemical that was
killing many fish, and was also making it unsafe to eat the fish, swim, and do other things involving the water. It is very unsafe to
eat because of the PCBs
found in it. And now the Hudson River was sad. General Electric dumped 1.3 million lbs. into the river. But what can you do to help? If you see any
trash by the river,
you should take
the time to pick it up It will maker the
river a lot cleaner
because there won't be
pollution in addition to
the PCBs. Don't
Water It's a very simple and easy thing to
do so make sure you remember to. Educate others Did you know that
PCBs can cause
cancer? Thank You For Watching This is a photo of General Electric
at the Hudson River But there was still hope! The Clean Water Act was passed in 1992 to stop
General Electric from dumping their sewage in the river. Also, many organizations were formed to help the cause
such as the River Keepers and the Clear Water Association.
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