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The Elements of Music

No description

Melanie Anne

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of The Elements of Music

The Elements of Music
Ever After - Marianas Trench
The song that I chose for harmony and timbre was the rock pop song Ever After by Marianas Trench.
On My Own - Les Miserables
The song that I chose for melody, dynamics, and form is the musical theatre song On My Own from the production, Les Miserables, sung by Samantha Barks.
My Anthem - Christina Grimmie
I chose the song 'On My Own' from Les Miserables because it is my all time favourite song from the musical. Also, I was able to get the sheet music and now I'm teaching myself how to play it on the piano and I sang it in one of my vocal lessons. I also chose it because I knew that it would showcase the elements well.
The song that I chose for the tempo, rhythm/beat, and texture is the pop song My Anthem by Christina Grimmie.
Texture is the fabric or layering of a sound created by melody, harmony, and timbre. The texture of the song is polyphonic. There are many different harmonies going on in this song. I counted three different ukuleles in harmony with one another. Also, the artist, Christina Grimmie, has many different harmonies going on with her voice as well.
Melody is a series of pitches that move forward within a piece of music. The song is sung and played in D major scale. There is a key change halfway through the song. It is then played and sung in F major scale. The piano plays a disjunct melody while the vocalist sings a conjunct melody.
Form is the structure of the piece of music. I chose this song for form, because there isn’t a very defined form in it. Because it is part of a musical, the song tells a story. There isn’t a chorus to keep going back to. However, if you listen to it enough, you will notice that the rhythm does repeat itself and that it can be divided into sections. For this reason, I say the form is AABAA.
Dynamics is the volume of a sound as well as the style in which the performer plays the instrument/music. The dynamics of this piece begin very soft and gentle. Gradually, the intensity of the piece grows and once it reaches the climax of the song, it is at a full forte volume. At the end of the song, it goes back to gentle and soft. I would say that the style the performer plays the piece is gentle, but also cantabile as well.
Harmony is combinations of pitches sounding simultaneously. In this song, there are many awesome harmonies going on. As soon as the song starts, there is harmony between many different vocalists. Even when the lead singer, Josh Ramsay, is singing, there is harmony with his voice. The string family has many harmonies within it while they’re playing as well. The strings and the electric guitar also harmonize a lot with one another in this song.
Timbre is the unique quality or qualities inherent in sounds that allow us to distinguish between them. In this song vocals are used quite a bit. Not only to sing the lyrics, but they’re used as the background music as well. Piano, drums, electric guitar and electric bass are also used. Apart from all the things that a normal rock band would have, the string family is also used. Words that I would use to describe this song would be something like ‘epic’ or maybe even ‘mystical.’ This song creates an illusion of being in a fairy tale which is why I chose those words. Also, with the way the different instruments are used, the term ‘epic’ makes sense.
By: Melanie Dreher
Tempo is the pace or speed of the music. The tempo of the song is andantino. I chose this term to describe the tempo of the song because it is a little faster than a walking pace.
Rhythm is patterns of long and short sounds and silences in music. Beat is a steady pulse contained in music. The song is written in 4/4 time. In the beginning, it’s hard to tell what the beat is. I had to listen a couple of times before I picked up the drum part. The drum plays quarter notes, so I was able to tell that the song was in 4/4 time by that. The rhythm as I said is mostly composed of quarter notes. Also, one of the melody lines that a ukulele plays is composed of mostly eighth notes.
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