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marketing emo

No description

john azar

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of marketing emo

Blaq Mt Franklin Profile of an Emo Blaq Mt Franklin Macro environmental analysis Direct Indirect Competition Pump Overview Image Interest In today’s society ‘emo’ people are typically viewed as ‘punk with emotion’ emphasizing strongly on their emotions. The 'emo' differ in choosing to have a large emphasis on the emotional side of music. Demographics Blaq's target market is aimed at the millennial's, who are consumers that were born in the years 1977- 2000 and make up $48 billion in purchasing power. The emo demography are mainly situated around suburban areas.

Over the past 50 years, there has been a dramatic increase in the trends of the human population. Blaq will satisfy a large majority of these 'new' trends by introducing a darker looking bottle and changing the market.
Blaq will be one of the first water bottle companies to target the emo sect of the population. Macro environmental analysis Economic Macro environmental analysis General consumer spending patters have changed as many consumers are reducing their total spending and looking for greater value in things they buy. Blaq will gain value proposition over its competitors by advertising the advantages of its product such as using 35% less plastic, in-turn being recognised as environmentally friendly and allowing prices to be lowered.

Blaq unlike many other water producing companies will not be wiped out by a recession it will be able to take advantages of change in the economic cycle, due to its staff's worldly recognized forecasting team. Technology Blaq will invest a large portion of its profits in research and development, in order to ensure that the product is being produced as efficiently as possible. Through outbreaks in technology operating costs will be reduced and the end product will be improved. Productivity Quality Growth Innovation Macro environmental analysis Natural Blaq makes use of Mount Franklin easy crush bottle design containing 35% less plastic and being easier to recycle. Blaq aims to create a world economy that the planet can support indefinitely by making environmental sustainability a core business practice.

Blaq will be viewed as an environmentally friendly product as it will use: Solar Panels Waste separating bins Cotton earth bags Macro environmental analysis Political and Social Blaq has a positive social impact on the emo community as it promotes good health and provides the emo community with an essential product in an appealing form.
The 'easy crush' mount franklin bottle design meets industry standards outlined by FSNAZ in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.
Blaq also encourages its managers to look beyond what the regulatory system allows and simply 'do the right thing'. Blaq Macro environmental analysis Cultural The use of traditional Emo colors including dark purple, black and red in the product Blaq will aim to appeal to the emo market and in-turn increase market share. Marketing Strategy Product Blaq will be a convenience product as it will frequently be purchased with its price being lower than its competitors. This will achieve the business main goal which is market growth. it will also utilize a customer centered product development.

The benefits that Blaq offer are communicated through its: Quality Features Style & Design Branding Packaging Labeling Marketing Strategy Price Blaq will use cost-based pricing as it will alow its prices to be lower than its competitors attracting more members of the emo group and society in general in-turn increasing market share. Blaq will be engaging in monopolistic competition
At the introduction of this product we will be able to penetrate the market through our low prices as we will be using the price penetration strategy.
In times of recession promotional pricing and special event pricing will be used to create excitement of the product. Marketing Strategy Place Distribution will be centered around minimizing costs of warehousing (distribution center), inventory management (RFID, smart tag) and transport.
Uses a contractual vertical marketing network.
-Its product line will extend to many stores as it is a need, stores include: supermarkets and convenience stores.

Blaq uses the traditional distribution channel for its customers. Producer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer Marketing Strategy Promotion This product will be promoted through: The pull strategy will be utilized The advertising methods that will be used will be both: Persuasive Informative Microeconomics Coolridge Fiji Water Lemonade Solo Coke Customer Blaq has a strong value proposition which creates consumer demand and a positive consumer experience with the product which promotes continuous product sales. Response to Tribes Needs Blaq has successfully aimed it's product towards the emo sect. With the use of the combined marketing strategies we will be able to penetrate this particular market in-turn increasing market share and profitability which are a firms main goals. The bottle appeals to the emo group as it effectively incorporates darker colors that have been proven to attract this particular group. Behavior In recent years the interests of the emo tribe have expanded, now branching out to movies and TV scenes. Enjoy expressing themselves through various social networks. Typically dressed in tight black clothing, wearing excessive dark makeup whilst styling multiple piercings and alternative hairstyles that cover most of the face. The behaviors of an emo individual are based mainly due to the fact that most individuals of this culture face some form of depression. This is the main reason for their dark style of appearance, emotional music choices and tendency to inflict self-harm References

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